Rain Drops on Roses

Well, rain drops, at any rate, even if I don’t care so much for roses.

Where I come from, I rather look forward to cold winter days or nights…they are a rarity. So let me just say, when I feel down, here’s what/who gets me all smiley and happy (in no particular order). 

My beautiful Maatu. For me, there’s no more awesome baby-soon-to-be-little-girl. You started putting yourself to sleep at 6 months! What more could any parent ask for? Your expressions, my darling…words really do fail me. In about 4 years, give or take a few months, you are going to start getting so embarrassed by your certified-crazy-in-love-with-you mom – just a little heads-up.

My brave brave S. The risks you take on a daily basis being around an accident-prone me. Your sense of humor that pulls a smile or a laugh out of me when I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Your straight-faced perplexity when my sarcasm or wit falls flat on its bum. How you can be comfortable anywhere, make friends so easily, and whats more, make everyone like you instantly; and completely cover up my uncomfortable going-into-my-shell thing in a crowd. And just the fact that you annoy the living daylights out of me by being you – an “its always a Good morning!!!!” person. Thank goodness, ’cause only that can counter my grumpy growly-ness in the mornings. Basically, you’re the yin.

My four awesome cats: Abso, Lute, Thalai, and Rangamma, a.k.a., chechi, musu, thadiyan, and blackie. You each have such distinctly different personalities, and having had you fellows for the last two years, I can’t imagine how I could’ve found life interesting before you. You are total brats, who will endear yourselves to anyone even if they don’t willingly give you a chance. No one knows how you nonsenses do it, but there you have it. You’ll lick, wag your tails when you are happy, roll on to your backs for a tummy rub, yell at us for not refilling the food bowl when its 1/4th empty, follow us around anywhere and everywhere, wait at the door when we get back from work (mostly to yell at us about the food bowl), try to trip us up endlessly, and generally put any dog to shame.

My books! Not all of them read, of course. But really, I’ve never lived without a stack of books, nor can I imagine living in a house without books. I find it comforting to have them around, to know that there are always worlds and alternate universes I can escape to close at hand. 

Then the usual: flowers (except roses) never fail to cheer me up – also ’cause they are the best subjects if you are learning photography; driving – there’s such freedom in that, just let Maatu grow up a little, and we’ll go on girls-only trips; colors, there are soooo maaaany of them – never ceases to amaze me how much of a difference color can make; rain “wash away my sorrow, take away my pain” 🙂 ;working with my hands – gardening, cooking, crafts, baking, writing – anything DIY really; and of course Christmas – there’s no getting away from the joy the Christmas season spreads – love everything about it – the cheer, the fragrance of freshly baked cakes, the Christmas tree and the decorations, the presents, all that tinsel!, the lights. 


Just say anything :)

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