The Call

“Did they call you?” he asked her as she walked towards the desk with her cup of coffee. “They just called me.
“Who?” She asked, perplexed.
“The folks from the bank. They said they’ll be calling you next.”
“Oh!” she said, looking at her mobile phone. One missed call. “Did they want something?” she asked him while dialing the number. *Beep Beep Beep* “The call’s not going through.”
“Don’t worry. They’ll call you back.”
“How did it sound? Did it sound ominous?”
He grinned. “No, not ominous. Just a bit strange. Not what you’d expect.”


Just then her phone started ringing. It was the same number. “Hello?” she said, picking up the call.
“Hi. I’m calling from the bank.
“Yes, hi. Sorry I missed your call earlier. I tried calling back, but…”
“That’s alright. I just wanted to inform you that you have been selected.”
“Oh! Thank you.”
“HR will call you with the offer. Hopefully, it will be acceptable, and you will join us.”
“Great! Yes, I think I will.”
“Well, in that case. Welcome to The Bank.”


“Well?” he asked her once she’d disconnected the call. “Yes, I agree,” she said, slowly, “Definitely not what you’d expect.”


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