A Vision

I saw her today. I’m sure it was her. She was behind a shelf. One moment i was grabbing something for the special dinner i had been planning, and the next i was looking into a pair of wide, empty eyes. Hazel. They were hazel. And they were lowered almost immediately. I saw again the hair pulled back in to a ponytail, gaunt features. I stood there transfixed. I had looked for her for so long. Searching every photograph, every memory, every sentence, every word. I hadn’t counted on actually finding her. I had not realized until that moment that I was secretly hoping that she didn’t exist, that she was somehow a figment of my imagination, a morbid personification of my paranoia.

But there she was – right before my eyes. And I was frozen. I couldn’t think of one thing I could say or do. And then she was gone.


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