Dark is Beautiful

The world was a simpler place before chocolate was discovered – all flour, sugar, egg white and essence – just getting along – till chocolate was discovered. Then everything changed. It changed everything.

In the beginning, there was me. And I was beautiful. Then I saw the world, and the world saw me. It was as though I had bitten of the forbidden apple. I was ashamed. But I could still create. And I built a world around me. My world was simple – I cooked, she served, they admired her and ate what I had created. For years now, I’ve been doing this, and for years now I have known. That the world was a simpler place before chocolate got put into it. Everything seems beautiful around it. Maybe it just makes you see things as they are. Either way, it seems to dissolve the pain that comes with shame, soothing both skin and spirit.

The world was all flour, sugar, egg whites and essence – blending together – a picture of angelic harmony and peace – until chocolate appeared among them. It changed everything. It was wild and disruptive. Its flavour stormed through everything it touched, suppressing everything else, till you could barely sense their presence. It made everything richer, more interesting, more beautiful.

And still I baked. She served. They admired her – were consumed by her even as they consumed what I had created. As though, her vanilla and cream hands made all the difference. Does it? Will chocolate taste more angelic, if she mixed? Will it taste less wild at least? Or will it change her too? Will it lighten if she touched it? Will it not darken her instead?

And everything changed. It changed everything.

Once it has transformed her, I should serve. I am chocolate, and I have put myself into the mix today. And this is my chocolate world, where everything has been touched by my chocolate colour. Then everything will be more beautiful.


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