Many Faces of the Same Emotion

Today was the first day of yet another food festival. This just meant more extra work. Yes, more and extra.

Sometimes, i dont know; when i look at all the grinning faces crowding around the floor, should i be happy that they are there or be angry? The more people there are, the more mess there is. The more mess there is, the later i will need to stay to clean it. The later i stay, the lesser the number of hours before i need to come back here again.

My hands and feet already felt worn and tired. My face was aching from trying to smile through the many orders that came flying at me from all directions.

Even at home, i cant forget anything. i think i look for folded flags even in my dreams.

As i walked around the floor today, my shoes felt like lead. I was wearing my last pair of good socks that had started tearing three weeks ago, which added to the ridiculousness of my outfit for the day. But there was this girl today. This little thing in a pretty, white dress. And when the celebrations started, she got up from where she was sitting, looked up at me and smiled the biggest, happiest, and the most honest smile i have seen in a really long time. So i danced with her. For a few minutes, all my anguish seemed meaningless, and all was right with the world. She danced without any sense of rhythm or inhibition, but it was beautiful. And then there was that smile.

Around the room, i saw sorrow and pain stream down people’s faces like tears. All this while, i had not been alone. Everyone else just had other ways of hiding – most of them behind empty grins and laughter.

Now all of them – all of us – were transfixed by her happiness. Maybe, just maybe, some of that will flow into us from her.


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