Soo…This morning…

(A letter to my hubband)

….after i dropped you and came back, I idled the Scorpio for a bit and then i came up.

I brought in the clothes from the clothesline on the balcony. The washing machine was done so i put the sheets out and then folded all the clothes. Dusted/cleaned the computer table and generally around the house, took out the sheet for Amma-Acha‘s bed, put the pillow covers, went to the kitchen, made semiya upma – which was to be my lunch (although i didn’t pack it immediately. In retrospect, if i had done that, the morning might have gone differently.), K’s breakfast and if there was any leftover, then my breakfast along with a slice of bread. Then i went for my bath. I came out of bath, got dressed. K rang the bell. She was late; i knew she wouldn’t be able to finish everything. Anyway, i went to open the door. That’s when things started to go wrong.

I opened the door and realised that i had forgotten to take the milk inside. I sighed, took the milk and went to the kitchen to wash the packets.…..and i realised that the flame was still on under the semiya upma. I quickly oh fish!-ed and turned it off. I should have smelled it you say. No, i wouldn’t have. In fact, i wouldn’t have for much longer still because before, when i thought i had turned off the stove, i had actually turned it to sim. And (fortunately) i had covered the chatti[1] , so nothing could have happened in terms of damage to the house etc. Not that that makes it ok….and i shall be kicking myself for it for some time to come. Anyway, what did happen was that a lot of the semiya upma got stuck to the bottom. It still didn’t get burnt but it got totally stuck, and therefore irretrievable, sooo, there goes the quantity. So then, i took out my lunch box and put most of the retrieved upma into it and closed it. I told K to take the rest and anything else she could get out of that chatti. I was feeling kinda bad, i offered to make her some more but she said no need etc etc,. She was laughing…at me and well…it was a sympathetic laugh as well. She felt all sorry for me i guess. She said to not worry about her and go do my things. I was still feeling bad but then since there were things to be done, i decide to leave it for the time being.

Then, i thought, “That’s not enough upma for me for lunch so i should supplement it with a slice of bread.” So i went and lifted the plate covering the bread…….and lo and behold! There were ants! Scurrying around!! Enjoying my bread!!! The bread that i so lovingly made just yesterday evening!!! My yummy bread!! Oh noooo! I quickly dusted off the ants, transferred it to another plate and gave the original plates for wash. I also thought, you know, “Lemme shift the bread into the big dabba the poruvalankai [2] is in right now ‘cause anyway that doesn’t need such a big dabba.” I went, looked for, found and brought a smaller dabba for the poruvalankai and opened the big dabba………and lo and behold! There were ants scurrying in this one too!! Man! What was happening to my morning??!!! I dusted off the ants from those also and transferred them to the smaller dabba and chucked that into the fridge. No ants there.

Then, i cut three slices of the bread – 1 for lunch, 2 for breakfast. Two were more than enough since i had a glass of milk too…and those slices are too heavy anyway. Then, i tried to open the lunch box. It was like it was sealed shut! I tried and tried and tried…no luck…i asked K to try…no luck…i tried again…no luck…then i was just tired of it so i left it with K and went to pack thinking “i’ll come back to it later.” and i went about packing…

A few minutes later K came up to me with the opened lunch box. I said thanks and kept it open on the dining table for it to cool down a bit. What do you mean cool down you ask? Well, i’m guessing what happened was that i closed the box when the semiya upma was still too hot…so something about heat, pressure etc, the thing sealed itself. And i thought, just to be on the safer side, i’ll let the upma cool fully, so left it open and i went about packing. In between, i had my breakfast. After i finished my breakfast (packing is more or less done btw), i went and gave my plate to K to wash and told her that we had to leave in 5 minutes. She said ok.

Then i thought, “That’s enough time, i should close my lunch box now.”….something…it slipped out of my hands and all my lunch was on the dining table looking like a semiya upside down cake!!! I scooped it up, put it back into the lunchbox, closed it, went got a kitchen cloth and cleaned up the table yagain (making it the third time i was doing it within the space of like 45 minutes). K was still finishing up, so i ran around closing the balcony doors, then got her to leave and ran around some more, and then finally got out of the house about 3 minutes behind her.

Got into the car and left. Fortunately, the drive up to work was completely without incident.

What is really getting to me though…is that…two weeks…everything went off without a hitch. Even the mornings i thought i was running late and/or behind schedule, i actually wasn’t. And today…the day before Amma is coming back…i mess up like..EVERYthing… Gaah! *Kicks self*

😦 😥

I feel so bad.

[1] Chatti = Wok, Kaddhai
[2] Poruvalankai = A particular sweet made of rice flour, green gram flour and jaggery. Actually I’m not even sure that’s the right spelling. I usually refer to it as the vegetable sweet because it sounds like the name of a vegetable but is actually a sweet.


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