Once More

Yet another traffic/road story. This time the scene is set on the highway. We, S and i were returning from our first anniversary trip to Kotagiri. [Aside: You must go there, if you haven’t already that is. It is a beautiful place to just walk around in. There will of course be a few ‘view points,’ but for the most part I would say avoid them all except Kodanad view point. They’ll all be too crowded and touristy. Kotagiri on the whole though is much much less crowded than places like Ooty and Kodai. We went there in Jan, and thanks to some mix up at the resort we booked at, we stayed in a cottage in the middle of a tea estate that is owned by the resort owner’s friend from Chennai. We grumbled all the way to the cottage, but once we saw the cottage, well, lets just say you couldn’t have found a happier couple at that moment. It was beautiful. Aaand…It was extremely cold…(for us people from Chennai that is) but we totally enjoyed that. Buut…coming back to the topic at hand…]

We had decided to drive to Kotagiri and then from there to Red Hills and then back from there. The entire journey was fantastic and fairly uneventful, until, that is, we were hit by lightning type brilliance. We had come nearly till the end of our journey – at the last tollgate before Chennai. There was an Innova in front of us and we were waiting for him (the driver of the Innova) to wake up and decide to pay the toll so that he, and then we, could get on with our lives. We could see he was travelling with his family; a couple of kids were jumping around at the back because they were having a jolly good time. S and i were looking at them and smiling. But our smile soon vanished cuz we realized that the damn car was rolling back into ours! Why? How? Because that (ahem) useless boy (man, actually) driving it had decided that he would stop with the rear wheels on the speed breaker. So, naturally, we honked in the hope that he would realise he is rolling back and stop, or even move forward. But, no. He didn’t, and the Innova happily backed into our bumper.

Nope the story does not end there. As we sat there thinking “WTF!” the driver boy (DB, which can also be expanded to Dumb Boy) comes up to us and asks us what our problem is.

S: What’s our problem? Are you serious?
DB: Yeah…why are you honking like that? What’s your problem actually?
S: Excuse me, but you just backed into my car. THAT is my problem.
DB: dumb look what?
S: Yeah, look. See for yourself. Your car is backed into our car’s bumper.
DB: Oh….
S: Yes. What do you mean by asking me what my problem is?
DB: ….I thought you had some problem with driving, because you know, I’ve stopped to pay the toll…
S: incredulous What (the hell)?! You backed into me and you want to ask me if I have a problem with driving??
DB: ….ok, I’m just moving my car. (Walks away)

No apology, nothing. The jackass. He just got in his car and drove off.

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