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So we are cruising along, barely over the abundantly misplaced arrogance of the Innova driver. Little did we realise that that portion of the highway that day was actually the cruising place for all gold members of the Mentally Unhinged People on the Road Association (MUPRA for short). I think if we had looked, we might even have caught up with Her Excellency, the opener of car doors into other cars. But of course we didn’t have time for that what with dodging the other mental people on the road.

As I was saying, we were cruising along (and when I say cruising, I mean cruising between 100 and 120 kmph). There’s a Santro in front of us. It’s going a little slower than us and it’s on the fast lane (i.e. the right lane). We want to overtake, so we honk asking them to give way. They don’t. This is fairly normal. So we didn’t think much of it and prepared to overtake the Santro from the left. Now we are driving diagonally with that Santro being ahead of us. Very good. We can actually see that the lady in the front passenger seat and the man who was driving are having either an extremely animated discussion or an argument. Suddenly, the passenger side window rolls down and that female empties an entire bottle of water on to the road! Please note that we are going at over 100kmph. And we have a litre of water splashing at us! We honk, she looks up and sees us. But by then the water in the bottle is all out, on the road and some on our car, so she withdraws the bottle.

Nope, nope, not over.

We overtake them. As we are overtaking them, we look toward their car, hoping that they will see us scolding them from there. But of course we realised that was not necessary. The couple was clearly having a fight. She was still holding on to the Pearlpet type bottle and the man seemed to be giving her a piece of his mind.

In the meantime, there was a bike, happily cruising along behind us. The biker in all likelihood was in a good mood, probably whistling a little tune to himself, as he rode to Chennai. His helmet firmly on his head, he was one of those who knew he was slower than most cars and oh so sensibly was going, happily, in the left lane. I’m fairly sure that a whole litre of water followed by a Pearlpet bottle with a white cap (that had till recently contained the aforementioned litre of water) whizzing towards him was not even the absolutely last thing on his mind. But unfortunately that’s just what he got.


Just as we overtook the Santro, the woman threw the bottle out. Yes, yes, she actually threw a bottle out on to the middle of the highway from a car travelling at over 100 kmph. The bike guy moved hastily out of the way of the bottle, tottered, but thankfully, steadied, and screamed some cuss words at the dumb woman in the Santro, his mood completely altered.

We, just shook our heads in disbelief, and drove on dumbstruck.

#Image from here.


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