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Transformers 2 – Was most disappointing. What was all the emotional family drama doing in there?? Seriously?! It was most over-dramatic, what with people dying and coming back to life again, etc. (i still love bee and optimus prime). I would’ve been quite happy if, like the first part, this too had too little plot (especially the twisting kind), and plenty of unexpected special effects to make up for it. Instead, i had very confused and emotional Shia whatever-his-name-is, sorry Shia LaBeouf, an extremely annoying Julie White, and Megan Fox and Isabela Lucas with stupidly constant look-i’m-hot expressions. i give it a 1.73/5. But having said that, i’ll probably still watch it again. Why, you ask? Because, i went to Mayajaal the first time, and i’m hoping that the better sound and image clarity at Sathyam will somehow make the movie better in my brain.

The Bourne Series – S and i sat and watched this trilogy back to back on Saturday. The plot is fairly simple; in fact, after identity, it’s almost predictable. But somehow that doesn’t take away from the movie. Perhaps because it no longer needs to deal with the plot, the movie is able to shift focus on to the character. And that’s fabulous. I find Bourne most fascinating, not because he was a spy/assassin (or because he is played by Matt Damon who is…well…not hot exactly, but pretty good looking, and a pretty decent actor), but because of the way he deals with his loss of memory, and consequently, his identity. He lives through the angst of identity crisis and experiences it at a level most of us, thankfully, cannot comprehend. And the crew of the movie quite nicely handled that. Except Julia Stiles. But it’s ok. I’ll leave it go. I’ll give this series a 3.95/5.


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  1. @ transformers- i soo agree bout that loser shia.. and yes pretty stupid on the whole if u think bout it- but ooh go watch it in sathyam.. we all loved the effects 🙂

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