Two Little Words (or is it three?)

This blog post has been begging to be written for a while now. Which is nothing unusual for me. Happens all the time in fact. Some of you may know that i write in my head. And in that same head of mine, I’ve written many potentially good blog posts. But since I’ve never really physically typed them out, they don’t count. So here i am, 3 and something years into this blog and not even 100 published posts. Yes. That is my story.
But…that is not the post that has been fighting to come out of my brain and get published on my blog. That…or this…post is…well…is a rather mushy subject. So consider this your warning.
For a while now I’ve been thinking about words and the power they have to excite strong emotions. In fact, we assign a lot of value to the words we hear. Don’t we? 🙂 I did a search for the most powerful words in google and found and read lists and lists of them (plenty of lists exist apparently). But I’m guessing everyone has their own set of most powerful words. Words that change a situation dramatically. “i love you”? “i need you”? “You’ve lost weight.”? “You’re not alone.”? “I’m sorry.”(and its variants)? I saw all these on various websites (ok..maybe not All…the you’ve lost weight no one ever admits to :P). But I did not find the words I was looking for.1
I was looking for “I’m here.” Seems simple enough right? Makes one want to ask what the big (fat) deal2 is. But somehow to me it ranks right up there with “I love you”, and depending on the context, maybe even higher. Because it’s just as unconditional. I don’t care as much for its variants mind you. Like if I say, “if you need any help, I’m here” or “when you need me, I’ll be here” or “you’re not alone, I’m here.” All those seem to imply a level of conditionality (and I don’t know if that word actually exists, but I’m sure you get my drift), intentional or otherwise. But the plain old “I’m here” is not like that. That’s like saying, “it doesn’t matter whether you are happy, sad, alone, with a bunch of people, fat, thin, you think you need me, you don’t need me…whatever…doesn’t matter, cuz I’m still here.” Unconditional support. With the potential to push a person from despair and depression to hope. That’s quite a thrust if you ask me.
But maybe others don’t feel that way about these words. I’ve hardly heard them being used. I mean, no, I’ve heard the variants used many many times, but not just those two(?) words on their own. Most people who I really care about and/or who I have seen down have probably heard it from me. Because I assume that if it works for me, then maybe it will work for them too. At least that’s the hope. 🙂
Gah. I’ll start rambling soon. So, end of post. 🙂 
[1] There are of course two ways of looking at this. It could just mean that I haven’t looked enough to find those words – which would be true…its not like I went through all the results that came up. It could also mean that maybe I’m the only one who attaches sooooo much importance to these words. That couldn’t be…really…could it? Surely, there’s one other person out there who feels the same way I do about them right? Hmmm…
[2] Should I say “ah dhang you”?

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