This happened yesterday

Although, I think maybe it should’ve happened earlier. I’m one of those talented people who are a bit absent minded (at this ahem tender age.). And it’s usually not a big deal, cuz I know this about myself, so I tend to keep chking and re-checking to make sure that I have not forgotten about something. But still, inevitably, most mornings, I’ll go back and ring the doorbell after I’ve reached my bike, cuz I would’ve just remembered that one thing I forgot to take; or S will come back home in the evening to find that I didn’t switch the laptop power off (I see you nodding your head vigorously S. You can stop now). What I think is, that I’m so taken up with worrying about not forgetting about the big things (like closing the tap, or switching off the iron) that can potentially lead to a lot of damage, that I forget about the relatively small things (like cell phones). Cuz I’m always expecting myself to do something really really Really dumb.

Like lose stuff. I Hate losing stuff; makes me feel like I have a brain the size of a pea. I’m perennially worried about losing something because I forgot about it in all my absent-minded brilliance. Yesterday evening, I finished my workout at the gym, went up to the changing room to change out of the gym shoes and into my slippers. After I packed up my shoes, I reached into the gym bag to take out my bike keys. No bike keys. *mild puzzlement* I looked into the bag this time instead of  blindly kind of feeling for it. No bike key. *slight tension* I removed all the things out of the bag, shook everything, (including my water bottle, although now I wonder what I hoped to find in that other than water), still no bike key. *oops* I went down to the reception to chk if anyone had turned in a forlorn looking bike key they found abandoned on the dressing room floor. Nope. Oh no! I lost the bike key?! I ran outside to chk if my bike was still there. *PHEW* It was (and the first thought that crossed my mind was, “must be thanks to that damn lock getting stuck (more on that at some later point in time). What a blessing in disguise it turned out to be.”). Then followed a thorough search of the gym. Still no keys. Throughout, they kept asking me to chk my bag, chk the bike. Nope, not in the bag. And not on (in?) the bike; I could see the steering lock from where I was standing and it was plain it wasn’t there. After 15 minutes of unsuccessful search, I didn’t know what else to do, so I went to my bike, all sulky, to call S and tell him what I’d finally managed1.And there it was. I had left the key in the seat lock :S. What a. :S  I went sheepishly inside the gym and told the girl at the reception that I had *bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb* found the key, and that it was *bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb* in my bike.

[1] In college, when they used to have the open-air assemblies, they would have these weird announcements that would go something like, “The security has reported that there is a bike in the parking lot with the key still in and the engine still running. Please check your bags to see if your key is with you.” While most people around me would go “ha ha ha”, I would go “[expletive!]” and proceed to frantically search my bag till I found the key. Thankfully, I’ve never once left the key in my bike, i.e., until yesterday evening.


5 thoughts on “This happened yesterday

  1. Ha, I do these often enough – leave keys on bike, at my desk, in my pockets, etc. etc. and then spend a half hour searching for them until the “Duh” moment. Then a few weeks back, I did lose the damn key and that about 20kms away from my duplicate set. 😦

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