What would you have done?

I hope it’s not just me who is suddenly nearly obsessed with politics. Now now, its not that I’m incessantly talking about only politics, but I’m following the stuff as much as I can.
Aand on a completely different note, I want to talk about that evergreen topic – stupid people on the road. What with traffic in India, especially Chennai, being what it is, you will inevitably come across at least one stupid person on the road whilst (yes, I used “whilst”) moving from point A to B (even if B is just down the street). And we have gotten so used to this, that unless someone has actually bumped us, we just say our journey was “uneventful.” Right? 
But then every once in a while, you come across someone who is so…brilliantly…mind blowingly….amazingly…awesome (!!!) that it just takes your breath away and makes you feel like you are choking on your tongue. Come on now, admit it, its happened to you. I’m talking about all those times when so many expletives were exploding in your brain in that one moment that all you could manage was incoherent gurgles.
For example, here we were, me, S, S and S (:D Ha!), on the flyover in T Nagar. Traffic was kinda heavy, so we were not moving. Nor was any body else. And then the passenger side door of the 800 next to us opened. The lady getting out of that car was so careful that the door happily hit our rear-view mirror. We got a little annoyed. Not only was she being silly and getting out of her car practically in the middle of the road, but she was also doing a terrible job of it! So, S lowered the glass and asked, “Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?”
She looks S squarely in the eyes and says, “opening the door.”……………………………. and calmly walks away while our brains explode from her brilliance.
Her husband (we assume), who was witness to the whole thing (cuz he was the one driving the 800) looked at us and apologized. Of course, we were still stupefied. 

3 thoughts on “What would you have done?

  1. Ok, who are these three stooges?
    Yeah, someone once asked directions to a particualr temple
    “how do I go to this temple?”
    “With a lot of devotion”, promptly came the answer!

  2. jusshtt jotting: Well we still get stupefied… 🙂 as for the other post, will appeal to S because that simply Must be a collaborative effort. I, on my own, couldnt do it justice. 😀

    AquaM: 'three stooges'? ahem…i dont know any 'three stooges.'

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