* Yet Yanother post on elections 🙂 *
See…. usually, I avoid talking/writing about politics (gender related or otherwise) on this blog (except once in a while when I feel severely provoked), for various reasons too. I don’t feel the need to go into these reasons right now. But I do feel the need to voice my thoughts on the elections this year. This year, everyone has seen a rise in campaigns that aim at convincing, cajoling, begging, instigating, persuading, coaxing, inspiring, attracting, arm-twisting, shaming, sweet-talking, counselling, (and many other –ings) people, mainly the youth, into voting. On one hand, I’m glad, you know, people are taking an interest, and realising that youngsters these days form a sizable portion of the population and giving that fact due emphasis and all. On the other hand, it makes me sad that the people today seem to need so many campaigns to tell them that this is an important thing for them to do. What’s Really weird is that, discussions on Indian politics (if and when they happen, they usually don’t because everyone seems to agree that it is a dark, dreary and depressing subject) more or less conclude with, “there is no hope for India so long as the current leadership is in power.” This indicates that we do have the interest and the intellect to comment when we see something wrong happening.
So then, I hate it when I hear anyone say, “but what’s the point, its such a waste of time.” The elections are your chance to change things, to try a different combination of leaders and see where that takes you. Why wouldn’t you take it up? And the truth is, the government does affect all our lives in some way or another. So, if we have complaints, and come on, we all do, why wouldn’t we make an effort to do something about it? How can you want things to get better, and at the same time, not want to participate in the process of making it better. It’s like complaining that your feet are Sooooooooo dirty because you went out for a walk, but refusing to wash it because well, what’s the point, they’ll get dirty again right? Wrong, we don’t do that with the simple matter of our feet; we wash it the first chance we get (and again when they get dirty the next time, and again the time after that, and again…and again…), but I mean, we see nothing wrong in taking the “no point washing” attitude to voting.
The way I see it, at the end of the day, elections are about numbers. In which case, you can’t argue that you don’t matter, every number…well, counts. And what with election days being holidays and the sheer number of polling booths, you cannot even say that it’s inconvenient. So what excuse are you left with? And if you don’t take this opportunity to take a stand, then what gives you the right to criticize the next government? Because, although, you may argue, you didn’t choose it coming to power, you chose not to vote against it.
PS: It’s still not too late for people from Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Puducherry, and Uttar Pradesh. Check if your name is there on the rolls, and exercise your right. Most states have it uploaded online. For example, Tamil Nadu:

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