Gym Notes (to self)

Because lately, no-one seems to be able to look at my face without exclaiming, “oh! But you’ve put on so much weight!” Gah! I swear the next person who says that to me will receive a mental slap. I don’t understand this tendency of people to keep telling others that they’ve put on weight. Hey, if I’ve put on weight, trust me, I have noticed it already. And you noticing it And mentioning it to me is not going to make me feel at all better. Ok aa? So if you’ve figured out I’ve put on weight since the last time you saw me, great! Congrats! And all that, but please shut up about it, cuz I don’t want to hear it. Not from you, and not from anyone else. Just from me alone is quite enough thank you very much. So I’m going to the gym now. I am determined to keep my tryst with the gym come whatever (err..unless of course I’m out of station). I will fight boredom, I Will! So here are a few notes I have made for myself.
  1. Don’t be hung up on taking the right music to the gym. “Hello, Is there anybody in there?” doesn’t exactly go with the gym atmosphere anyway. The fast paced nonsense from the last century that they play there is actually quite adequate. So don’t spend the time you should be spending at the gym trying to add the right songs to your ipod playlist.
  2. “But its boring!” is not an excuse. Unless of course you don’t mind listening to “You’ve put on so much weight!” *eye roll*
  3. Don’t look at the reed thin girls who come to the gym (for god knows what reason).
  4. Feel free to imagine that you’re actually skiing when you are on the elliptical. No one’s going to know. Ermm.. actually they might cuz you’ll probably be smiling like an idiot, but who cares.
  5. Having said that, don’t get carried away and close your eyes while on any of the machines. You Will fall flat on your face, and it Will be painful.
  6. Remember to take your towel! Always! Other people’s sweat on the handlebars…ewwww! (And the said others are probably going to feel the same way about your sweat on the handle bars. So be polite.)
  7. Try to look brave when that bullying trainer *shudders* walks into the room. She’s just trying to help.
  8. The exercycle is not the plague. Don’t avoid it so vehemently.
  9. Set a daily target for yourself whether in terms of distance covered (in treadmills n stuff) or calories burnt. Target is your friend.
  10. Don’t overdo the target thing though. Steadily increasing your gym time/workout intensity is better than pushing yourself in your first week and be unable to move for the next few days.
  11. The rowing thing and the climbing thing are cool n all, but watch your posture. Actually watch your posture on all the machines. After all the effort, you don’t want to end up with a bad back.
  12. No workout is going to have any effect if you come back from the gym and stuff your face with anything (edible) that comes your way. So, while at the gym, also exercise your caution.
Yeah, that should do for now. 

3 thoughts on “Gym Notes (to self)

  1. kinky stuff.

    love the new layout, I'm sure your smart, dashing, incredibly handsome friend suggested how to get the columns wider, all with a manly sigh too …


  2. super post..totally love it..especially the mental slap bit… after all weight is just a number and a few extra pounds aint gonna kill anyone…unless we wanna be a size 0 – kareena kapooorr..yuck!!!

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