A little Birdie

I watched a tamizh movie called “Kuruvi” starring Ilayathalapathy
Vijay (lol)! I mean, I thought they did that only with Rajni. But
apparently I’m waaay behind my time. 🙂 S tells me as I stare
astonished at the words “Ilayadhalapathy Vijay ” (IV, please, can I?)
flashing on the screen. Now the thing is, I have seen this fellow. Ok
maybe I should warn any possible Vijay fans reading this post (ha!
Totally unlikely, but anyway) that I may tend to “disrespect” your God
a bit. But take solace in knowing that I may have done the same even
if it was (OMG, no!) Rajni. Cuz you see, I’m one of those
characterless people who is not into movies, and (according to Some
people) is unreasonably critical of them. So you might find me LOLing
at inappropriate moments and hitting my head when I should be going
“aaha! Ooho!” (in praise, hey!).
So yeah as I was saying, I have actually seen this guy. Seen him, that
is, from a distance. He was there when I went for an IPL match. Before
this, I had seen all of one Vijay movie, the incredible ATM (refer to
the unrated one paragraph review of the movie in one of my previous
posts). You know, he’s one of those people who on screen looks (at
least to me ) like the usual tall, wheatish and ..ermm..boyish next
door neighbor you wish you had, but in reality, although he is boyish
and wheatish and stuff, the tall thing he is definitely not. For all
you know, he might actually be shorter than me. He was almost lost in
the middle of the bunch of bodyguards or escorts or whatever. All I
could keep saying was, “That’s him?! That..?? But he’s so small!” No,
seriously. He’s small built. Gyms and all that I suppose, cuz he’s in
pretty good shape, but he’s slim and well..small framed. I mean, not
that that’s a bad thing or anything. Its just that, moments like that
make you realize just how potent camera angles can be. He was all cute
and lovable n all, but not impressive like an ilayathalapathy (the
word is probably wider than his waist). The point is, when I saw the
words “IV” flash on the screen, I found it very difficult to connect
them to the figure of the boy I saw at the stadium.
But moving on…the movie itself is quite appalling. It barely had a
story, but us mallus can technically call it adi-poli, cuz that’s
about all there was in the movie – a lot of fights and then some
random destruction.
The plot: he wins car race, goes to Malaysia, beats up peoples in
Malaysia and charms damsel by dropping her into a swimming pool whilst
attempting to rescue her from emotional distress (or was it falling
off a building, I forget), comes back to Chennai (damsel follows him),
beats up people, goes to some place in Andhra, beats up people, beats
up more people, beats up even more people, beats up everyone and his
brother in law, movie over. There’s an awful lot of baddies in the
movie. But, of course, he (our own IV) can crush them all single
handedly. In fact, after getting beaten up by him, people look like
they have been hit by a train. No really. The doc in the movie says
that. It’s awesome. Or not.
If you go to the official site of the movie ( here ), you’ll find that
they keep using phrases like “interesting plot,” “interesting and
whirling screenplay,” “twist in the plot,” “gaining heat and force,”
etc. Don’t know how any of them relate to the movie, honestly. Talent
has been wasted really. Ashish Vidhyarthi, a potentially good actor,
wasted. Vivek, wasted even more. *shakes head* Makes me sad, I tell
you. But then, I guess, when our IV is around, there’s no room for
anyone else. What? Kharrect only no?

Rating: sorry, yit is unratable.


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