Remember those first days in the city?
Going from one end of your new home
to the other? Watching the numbers change
in the auto’s meter, watching all those vehicles
on the road? Remember your innocence?
Remember when you watched the wheels
of the bike in front of you?
Fascinated, because they seemed to move
sideways, like a crab on the beach.
Later, when you grew up, you realized
that the lateral movement was
a mere illusion, or maybe not even that.
It’s actually only about straight lines,
and the road, tangential to the wheel,
and that the bike moves only one way,
forward, and must be steered to the side.
But does knowing that really help
when you look at the wheels now?
Or do you still wonder if they
are, in fact, moving sideways?

– From “Still, Life.”

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