The Sun rises,
and everything becomes light or shadow.
For the Sun, nothing escapes him,
Nothing must. Touched by the Sun,
everything is, must be, glorified. Everything is light.
Unknown to him, behind him, shadows overtake the light;
Darkness, slithering quietly, tears at and devours
all that has been defiled by light.
The Sun walks on oblivious and proud,
unaware of the Darkness. The shadows cover all.
The Sun comes around, blinded by himself.
Everything seems unchanged to him.
He shines his arrogance upon
now hollow frames of flesh and bones,
while bits of their souls slip unnoticed into oblivion.
And the shadow re-contours the purpose-less frames.
The Sun walks on aware only of himself;
and Darkness follows, mirthless, destructive.
Then the Sun enters, brave and bright.

– From Still, Life.

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