Harmless Updates Post – Another long one

After that expletives filled, passionate rant on Chennai traffic, and male chauvinism on the road, this post is a return to the me you are otherwise used to. Just a random updates post.

So yeah, where was i. End of November saw me driving to work for the first time. December had me flying excitedly on the flyovers in the rain (in the car). And January saw me taking the big leap. Changed from ms.vc to a mrs.vsc. Frantically tried to bundle up 26 years of my life and found that all those years fit more or less in three suitcases and a few small bags. Once i had finished packing, i looked around and saw that i had left wisps of myself lying around the room anyway. Not because i didn’t want them or that i had wanted them but had forgotten about them, but because i felt like i wanted to see those familiar fragments of myself every time i visited the room. Because i wanted to see bits of my old life just so i could remember insignificant details of inconsequential events. On Jan 23rd, i moved, bag and baggage, to my new home, my new life.

Flew out of the country too, for the first time in my life. Thailand now gets big big thumbs up from me. The people there are amazingly friendly. That was the best thing (??) about the place. And then of course, the place itself was beautiful…the ads and movies just don’t do it any justice, you have to be there to really see how beautiful it is. Splashed around a lot in water too…yay! And had a LOT of extremely yummy seafood. *sigh* i mish it… (We were mainly at Phuket and did a day trip around Phi Phi islands. Spent a day in Bangkok…a day is nowhere close to enough, and i’m not even into shopping.)

Joined work after a three week wedding vacation at an altogether different location. i think i was there for just about a month and something when i was shipped off to this place (being the place i’m working out of right now). The phrase “back of beyond” manages to somewhat describe this place. i look out of the office window and i see marshland. Seriously. It’s really weird. i have to drive right through it every morning and evening. Gone are the comforts of reaching office in half an hour. 25 kms one way, such is my life now. *sigh.* The travel brought with it chronic back pain and neck spasm. When i could take that no more, i went to a doc who prescribed some anti spasmodic drug which was supposed to “teach” my body to relax, but which in fact, didn’t do anything of the sort. In the end, an entire weekend wasted in bed, massages and the reducing of the workload turned out to be much better anesthetics than Myoril. Bah! Whatever.

Now, the latest thing is tonsillitis. Just as i was thinking…aah the pain in the neck has somewhat quietened down; now i can sleep some…i started getting the eerie feeling that someone was strangling me. i’m like, “chee what nonsense…i’m just imaging it, actually i must only be thirsty or something.” but the feeling does not go away even after drinking nearly a bottle of water. So i try my next favourite remedy: if you cannot get rid of it by drinking water, then ignore it (till it gets worse). i finally went to the doc yesterday. The exhaustion caused by lack of sleep was getting the better of me. i was nearly falling off anything that i tried to perch on. What’s worse, my voice was breaking too :P. Decidedly unpleasant. Anyway, the doc took one looks at my throat and said, yeah exchoose me but you have achute tonchilitich. Thank you. Showed it to mr. S too, who proceeded to tell me later that my throat looked gross (which is troo). So now i’m taking antibiotics for my throat, stuff that will hopefully work better than Myoril. The doc has recommended that i get the tonchils removed. But, of course, such major decisions will be taken only after second and third and other opinions are obtained.

So that’s that. No visheshams otherwise. Remind me to rant later about the work itself. i’m just hoping now that things get sorted out and i’ll be back at my much loved city office. i’ve never been this unhealthy in my life, and i don’t like it one bit. All plans are generally heading down the drain cuz of all this too. On the other hand, nice stuff’s been happening too. Here are a couple of them:
Every monthiversary (yeah take your time and figure that one out if you don’t know what it means already, i don’t feel like explaining) S and i end up doing something special. First time it was a quiet dinner at this nice chinese place. The second time was a surprise visit to my city (er..Hyd). That was Easter weekend. Had a lot of fun. It was nice going back to the city where I grew an independent woman. Met up with friends, had yummy food, hung out, got wet in the rain…aah…blissssss…Of course, i couldn’t meet everyone…but then that’s expected, seeing as i didn’t even know i was gonna land up there that weekend. Besides, there’s always next time. But, to give credit where its due, it was an extremely sweet thing for S to have done, cuz he knew how much i was missing Hyd. It was getting to a point where i wouldn’t stop sighing about it. Of course, everyone else in the world except me was in on it. i’ll bet it was fun watching me grin like an absolute idiot when i finally saw the tickets.

This month, it was an A R Rahman concert. My SIL helpfully got us VIP passes for the thing, and we spent an amazing evening listening to fabulous artists perform some awesome songs. The sound was surprisingly good. Well…i don’t know, i didn’t go in with high expectations. The lights and choreography were great. The musicians were brilliant. i would specially mention Hariharan, Blaaze, Neeta Mohan, Sadhana Sargam, Shankar Mahadevan, Nityashree and of course the man himself (err yes, Rahman). Most of the Jodha Akbar, and Guru Soundtracks were performed; some were even made bi-lingual (half in tamizh and half in hindi). Then of course he did Dil Se, Sivaji, and other such stuff as well. Naresh Iyer did a Rubaroo which lacked pace in my opinion but was otherwise ok. In fact, most of the songs were almost as good as their recorded versions, which was, I thought, pretty cool. But the way Shankar Mahadevan, Blaaze and Rahman built up to and performed Hamma Hamma just blew me away. The show closed with Ma Tujhe Salam or rather the tamizh version of it.

So that’s what’s been happening. Stay tuned for more news. I’ve missed out on plenty of small things of course. I’ll fill you all in on it as and when I remember.

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