(Not so) Random Updates

This post is mainly to let everyone know of one important development in my life. But then to say that directly would be to compromise on the, shall we say, effect i need it to have. So instead of getting straight to the point, as i usually do, i shall, this time, beat around the bush a bit.

Update 1:

I am now officially on Facebook…too. People who know that i am on Orkut will wonder why i am now on Facebook as well. i mean, it’s not like i do anything with my Orkut account. Well, that by itself can be considered my reason. See, the thing is, i now work for a company that thinks that blocking 80% of the World Wide Web will make its employees more efficient. It’s wrong of course. It only makes the employees try seven times as hard to find ways around the thingie. For example, if you are happily driving along on the most convenient route to your house and you come across a block, would you just sit there? No. You would look this way that way, twist here, turn there and find your way around it. It’s really that simple. Anyway the company I work for obviously has not understood that, and so it persists in blocking 80% of the internet, Blogger, Orkut, and some other rather useful sites included. However, Facebook, as i discovered recently, has by some miracle been excluded. And therefore i got me an account on it. Now the problem is that Facebook is not as easy to use as Orkut (i’m sure a lot of you will disagree). i have no clue what the hell is going on on it. A bunch of vampires and werewolves and slayers are stalking me. And then every once in a while, i get invited to hangman tournaments, IQ tests (my brother invited me to that one…bleddy…what only does he want to prove?!) and other such things. i’m thoroughly confused. Anyway, i guess with time all will be alright. Or so i hopeth.

Update 2 (and 3 and 4):

I saw three movies. Two of the three were Tamil. Just by way of a sort of background info, i don’t usually watch Tamil movies.

First was Azhagiya Tamizh Magan (ATM) which translates to Pretty (or Handsome) Son of Tamil Nadu. It was a fascinating movie in that it had a hero who was also the villain (aah! the joys of double role), a female lead who did a half hearted job of looking pretty, supporting characters who really had nothing to do except be part of a crowd that was not required in the first place, disappointing soundtrack (considering it was Rahman, it was very sad, which i already knew (because i’d heard it many many times in the car and on the radio. Wonly title song is nice and they went and ruined it in the movie). And it really didn’t help that they were shot and choreographed as appallingly as they were. i really feel sad for Rahman fans :P), a plot which can be told in exactly one and a half sentences and directed by someone who thought that adding a lot of these gravity defying special effects will make up for all the previously mentioned defects (among several others) (and yesh, he was wrong). i started writing a review for that movie. In fact, i still wouldn’t mind writing a more elaborate review, but somehow something or the other comes up and it doesn’t happen. Yeah well. i’ll keep trying to take time out for it.
Then another was this movie called Polladavan. i asked my sis what that means (after i saw the movie) and she said it means “one who goes about his business as long as you don’t mess with him. But if you mess with him, he may just kill you.” Pretty cool to have fit all that into one word huh? Yeah ok. Anyway, it was pretty aptly titled. This movie was ok. Fairly nicely shot but with the usual lot of totally unnecessary songs. i think this movie would’ve looked really good with just a background score. Having said that, there’s an SPB song on the soundtrack that i simply cannot get enough of. Of course, the other issue i had with this movie was all the violence. Now now, i realize that a lot of that is real and that life is all violent today. But simply because it’s real doesn’t have to mean that I’m ok with it. And unlike most people believe, it’s not that it scares me. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t gross me out either (in the sense of…ewwww look at all that blood…ewww grosss…blech). It doesn’t make me cry (as in…omg…look someone’s head’s been cut off (yeah that’s actually shown in the movie. they talk about killing people, and suddenly there’s this shot of a head rolling on the road)..That must’ve hurt *sob sob*). But in another sense it (violence) upsets me. i’ve tried to explain it to people before; i’ll try one more time (no harm done, right?). i get upset when i see violence because i think violence is an absolutely unnecessary thing. To me, violence, like shouting (unless of course the other person is hard of hearing) is totally useless, an absolute waste of effort. So when i see violence, it pisses me off. So if you see tears in my eyes, understand that they are angry tears. (It’s ok, i don’t expect you to; but at least i tried to explain…again). Anyway forget all that. Coming back to the movie. i would give it a 2.8 on 5. Mainly because i liked the plot. It was crisp and fairly real (i say fairly because i really didn’t like the stereotypical romance).
Then finally, i saw Jab We Met. i don’t have much to say about this movie. Nothing much can be said about it anyway. It was one of those typical Bollywood movies with rather typical performances. Screenplay was not too bad – quite funny in places, but, as i was telling a friend of mine, the delivery was messy so nothing clicked. Movies like this one and ATM are not ratable, so kindly excuse.

Update 5:
i went for the 10:55 pm show for Polladavan and not with family. Yeah it’s a big deal. 😛 so stop laughing.

Update 6:

Do you see this badge on the side panel? The NaNoWriMo Participant badge? Well, you won’t see it for much longer. Actually, its disappearance is long overdue. Sometime in October, i signed up for the thing with full josh. My head, as usual, was full of ideas. But, what with one thing or another, they never reached my fingertips and i never put them down. It is a sad. i actually did start writing. On November 1st, i wrote a nice 1700 words (a word count, if i had maintained it, that would have surely reached me to my goal of 50K words by November 30). But since then, i would’ve written a total of 2000 (rather disconnected) words. *shakes head at self* Very bad.

Update 7 (the main one):

I have been driving to work since Friday! For most (if not all) of you out there, this won’t sound like a big deal, and you’re all probably going “yeah whatever.” But if you could only ever see me park (or for that matter reverse) a car, you would’ve understood why it’s such a big deal (especially for my dad to let me take the car on my own 😛 )(Hey! But i drive ok. Wonly parking is a problem). Friday’s drive in was a little shaky. But i’m strategically coming to work a little early so that there’s plenty of space for me to use to reverse and move forward (a couple of hundred times) before i finally have the car parked properly. Monday, the drive in was pretty comfy. As was the parking (so what if i still had a lot of space). *sigh* i feel all grown up now. Driving to work and all. 😀
Sub-Update: Bleddy! i came to work very early today! Was here by 9:20 (Shut up! A lot of people come happily around 10, so 9:20 is early. Go). But there were already two cars parked. Nonsense! What the hell?! Why the hell are they so early?? What were these people thinking?!! Can’t they come a little later?! Parking itself was no big deal. i mean, my usual slot was there all waiting for me, so i only had to drive in and stop the car. But i’ll have trouble when i’m leaving in the evening because i’ll have to do the whole reversing thing. Part of my brain is all, “Oooo…a new challenge!” But the other part just can’t stop saying, “Oh Crap! Oh Crap! Oh Crap!” BN! Some people, i tell you!


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