A Friday Post About Thursday

Yesterday was an altogether interesting day. Or wait, was it? It was a different-ish day. To start with i woke up in the morning to discover that my gym soreness was now officially done with. i no longer have an excuse for not doing things like going upstairs to fetch things for other members of my family, or for that matter to not go to the gym and sleep in…(hey! one wants to do that sometimes, even if it only means one extra hour) so i rolled around the room trying to wake up which involved brushing my teeth, changing into gym clothes doing my stretches, drinking water and i think a few more things which i simply cannot remember at this point. So around 6:15 i rolled out of the house and headed to the gym place. Treadmills were free. i like getting on (?) the treadmill. it has the tendency to wake me up and make me alert. i get on the thing and even as my fingertips (in collaboration with my brain) adjust the speed, the rest of my body is startled into keeping up. Within a minute, i’m yalert. But then there’s a problem. i trot on the thing for a minimum of 15 mins, and after about 3.5 mins i’m bored. Every morning i think to myself as i trot along on the spot how i should really come prepared with questions or problems to ponder upon while at the gym, but of course i also keep forgetting. Not like it’s the easiest thing to come up with these meaning of life type questions/problems. Anyway, moving on. Yeah so i gymmed for about 45 mins and then walked back home. Wasted time in front of the laptop for a bit and then thought ok, its getting late for office so lets start moving about. Work was supposed to be sorta interesting. We were supposed to do…er…perform (?)…a skit so that we would remember all the concepts we had learnt the previous day. In one word, it was a disaster. It was a frantic effort and what’s worse; it clearly came across as being a frantic effort too. Our sound theoretical knowledge wasn’t really heard. We simply served as foils for the other team’s fantastic performance who didn’t really need a foil or anything. But everyone was entertained so then it was all ok. Sometime after lunch we were supposed to have a couple of sessions. When we hardworking souls lifted our heads out of the first session, we discovered that it was in fact raining heavily outside. Actually we were going thru a thunderstorm. It was fun…i love thunderstorms. They put me in an amazingly good mood. Anyway so we discovered that there was a thunderstorm happening. Shortly after our awakening, we heard a noise that sounded like a shatter that was trying to be a thunk. We trooped out to the corridor to find that one of the glass panes from one of the windows on the staircase landing had fallen and broken. There were plenty of people standing there and staring at the rain, and excitedly talking about the broken glass. Sounds kinda stupid you say? Not if you live in chennai. Its pretty awesome for chennai. And it gets awesomer. Shortly after the breaking of the glass due to rain and wind, it started hailing. Yes, can you believe it, chennai was experiencing a hailstorm! It was cool… (Yeah literally too). And i sat there for a space of 10 mins or so reminiscing about the time there was a hail storm in hyd, back when i was studying. (it wasn’t all that long ago, so don’t smirk or roll your eyes) the people who were with me that day would also, like me, never forget that night. But then of course i don’t think any of them read this blog so i have no one to vouch for me. i do remember tho that when i told my parents about it, or for that matter anyone outside hyd, they didn’t believe me. Why everyone thought i would want to make something like this up is beyond me. But, oh woe! They did. Yesterday tho i didn’t have any such problems. there were too many witnesses, for one, and then most people i needed to tell this to were in the city, so i didn’t really need to tell them…which sucks if you think about it. These are things you want to share. That’s what my day was like yesterday…like i said…different-ish.

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