Happy Friday!

Today is one of those historic days of my life. Well actually the day is not quite over, so let’s just say it’s a historic morning. It began rather like any other morning. “What the hell is that annoying sound…bleddy $&*&^# ^%&*$%^$&…someone turn it off!!,” I was saying to myself in my sleep. Sorry, no points for figuring out that it was the alarm clock. It was set to start annoying me at 5:45 am, so i would manage to get out of bed at 6. “Why wake at such an insane hour?” you may want to ask. Well, can’t say that it’s not a valid question. I’m not, what you may call, an early riser. but the plan had been made to go to the Gym (yes yes, breathe in breathe out for a bit…calm down, and try to wipe away that shocked look from your face) in the morning. So the thing about me is that plans have been made several times to go to the gym, but of course it has never actually happened. i would go get shoes (expensive ones too BTW), clothes, and all that jazz but never actually end up at the gym. But this morning, as mentioned earlier, turned out to be different. So yeah, where were we? Yeah the silent swearing at the annoying sound in my sleep. When I figured out what it was, i, of course, stretched out my arm and switched the thing off and attempted to go back to sleep. This is expected behavior. Even i knew that. ergo, a back-up had been thought of. At 6, my sister in law (let’s call her M) came and knocked on the door. Then i had to wake up. i called that i would be out in 5 mins. i was out of my room in 7 and out the front door by 6:10. i think it may have been the fear of embarrassment which drove me, but cant say for sure. i mean if that was the case then i would’ve started gymming right after i bought my shoes right? It’s been a good 2 to 3 months since the shoes were bought. (:P) anyway, whatever drove me drove me, and there we were, at the gym, both of us, at 6:13. Needless to say M did the talking in the beginning. i just stared groggy eyedly at the people there. A trainer boi came and offered to help me thru the..ermm..workout(?). i told him i have never before seen the inside of a gym. he smiled. i think he thought i was kidding, but he soon found out i wasn’t. i was put on the tread mill. Started with a slow saunter of about 4 kph. You know, i wanna question the truth of that. i mean, it was a very slow saunter…don’t tell me i can actually cover 4 kms at that speed, in an hour. i would’ve thought some 2 kms is OK. Anyway, so it turned out to be boringly slow, so i increased the speed till i was eventually semi-trotting at about 5.7 or something. (Hey, you are allowed to generally laugh at my post n all, very good, but no laughing at my speed n all OK..keep in mind that getting to the gym, in itself, was/is a very big thing for a lazy ass like me). so i trotted along for about 15 mins, as instructed by the trainer boi. Then he put me on that cycling thing. i was on that for about 10 mins. And trust me when i say that i really felt how long 10 mins can be. i got off it and i was a bit wobbly. So he asked me to do some stretch thing and then he put me on the skiing machine. oh sorry, i think its called the elliptical(?). M had warned me about that thing. Have i ever mentioned what a nice soul she is? Well, she is. i didn’t think i would last 5 mins on it. i say with great pride that i managed 8. (:D) after which i was ready to faint. oh wait i didn’t mention that while i was going for the 8, at one point i slipped on the thing and, i don’t know, i think my knee hit something, and it made a noise. its OK, it wasn’t hurt. i let out a yelp tho, in surprise, much to the amusement of people around. the person who was going at the skiing thing next to mine, looked at me, grinned and asked, “first time huh?” i said , “ahuh”, so then he grinned some more and gave the rather obvious advice, “go slow in the beginning.” yes that only. oh well, at least he was entertained. so i finished my 8 mins of glory and got off the thing and was blinking cuz i didn’t know what to do next. Trainer boi came and told me to get back on the tread mill for a cool down. While i was sauntering on it, a second trainer boi came. He too asked me if it was the first time i was coming to the gym. i said, “of course.” M asked him to show me some stretches n stuff. So after i was done sauntering for 5 mins, he showed me how to do the stretches. That was a comedy show in itself, with him trying to direct me, me not following and him eventually lying down and demonstrating. And then he said, “Actually, you are very stiff.” i was struck by the profundity of his statement. After a while, we came away. It’s about 11:40 now, as i sit here and write this. And so far i haven’t started feeling sore. But you know what, i know i will. I’m giving it (the soreness) till eod to show up. What we really need to see now is if i will last. i should, as long as i have company. Actually, i did the great thing of checking my weight. Bleddy, i might be optimum weight for my height n all but I’m about 8kgs over my constant weight. i don’t like that at all. Bleddy. So maybe that will make me go regularly. M, and the trainer bois actually, were talking about planning my work out and fixing up a meeting with a dietician n all. haiyyo! i hope not. i mean ok as far as planning the work out thing goes, but diet n all little too much i say…anyway we shall see..i shall be updating (yes, all 1.5 of you) anyway…for now we shall stop with the account of the incredible morning!

happy friday, everyone! 😀


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