Steaming Hot Vegetable Pulao

What’s the time? Is it already 5:30? Where the time flies, I just don’t know. *washes the rice to be cooked, keeps it aside to soak* For the first time in a long time my little boy has asked me for something. *smile* I suppose by normal standards he’s not exactly *takes out the vegetables and washes them* a little boy. At 29, he runs the house almost, but to me he’ll still be my little boy. I remember him still waking up and rubbing his eyes. *starts cutting the vegetables* he would call out for me first thing…”ammaa” mildly concerned, as though afraid that I wouldn’t be around. I wonder if his wife finds it as adorable as I used to. I wonder if he still calls out for me. He probably doesn’t. He’s all grown up now. comes out of his room only once he’s all ready for office, so he can have some breakfast and leave. I see him only in formals on weekday mornings. *takes out ginger, garlic and other spices to grind* he doesn’t speak much either. Exclaims mildly at news sometimes, or if the chutney is spicier than usual. But mornings are generally quiet. *grinds the spices together* I’d grown used to that. i wonder if his wife can ever imagine how talkative he was in the mornings as a kid. *smile* chatter chatter chatter chatter. About school chatter *heats ghee in thick bottomed pathram, fries cashews and raisins and keeps them aside* about friends chatter about teachers chatter about sports chatter. And me reminding him in between about the food in front of him. *laughs quietly*…*heats more ghee, fries the paste, and then adds vegetables to sauté* *shakes head* surprised me this morning when he suddenly spoke…*adds turmeric* “amma, do you think if could have pulao for dinner today?” *adds rice salt and water, stirs, and covers to let it cook* when he didn’t get any response from me, he looked up, right into my surprised eyes. “It’s ok if it’s any trouble. I was just wondering, that’s all,” he said and smiled. I smiled back. I wonder what time *turns off the gas and puts the pathram on the counter* he’ll be home today. It’ll be nice if he can come in a little early today. *garnishes with the cashews and raisins* reheating simply doesn’t work for some things. She should also be back any moment now. She can make the raita for him. *doorbell rings* ah! That must be her.

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