A letter

My dear brother,
What was that in your look
that I felt my heart recognize?
Was it the memory
of a distant conversation?
Or was it just a fleeting thought?
It started, the feeling that is,
the moment I saw you,
after these six years;
and didn’t leave me though I left the place.
Now I sit here and ponder over what it was.
Was it perhaps
one of those unnecessary ones,
the feeling I mean,
one of those that does not survive reason,
that is not true,
And yet, God knows, is there anyway.
Maybe, one day, when I understand it,
I will tell you.
Or maybe, one day you will confirm
that it was nothing at all.
Maybe we won’t ever talk about it.
But if none of the above happen,
I do hope there’ll be another option:
that you will tell me.Until then I will be,
your sister, waiting for option D.

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