Scary Airports

i was thinking, as i was standing in the airport last night, that i should blog about what i saw. but then you know how it is with me. i can decide to start at a particular point but it always gets started at a point quite before the point decided upon. so i shall start with events leading up to the moment in question.
it was more last minute this time than any other time so far for me when i was trying to get packed and started to the chennai airport on 26th evening. sweet things and heavy things were hastily stuffed into the suitcase. traffic was bad, so was my memory (started from the house and only then realised that i had forgotten my jacket at home, so then the car had to be turned around and all that jazz). in the car, floated the idea of bookshop to my parents, who only half took me seriously i think. but then thats expected. one does not expect one’s post-graduate daughter to think of opening up a book shop. anyway dad listened patiently to my logic, which was nice. but we were kinda late, which was…decidedly not nice. i was practically running from one counter to the other. the problem with flights is that, well..unlike with trains, one cannot randomly jump in even just as the thing starts moving. not to alarm you, but my family has actually done that last minute jumping into train thing. anyway, such things are not possible with flights. and even with the train i personally would rather just get to the station early, and usually when it is me alone travelling, i do manage to get to the station/airport early. except of course yesterday. so there i was, checked in but waiting for the security check, and i hear this announcement saying “last call for passengers travelling by…blah blah..” my flight basically. i might have let of a small cry, i’m not really sure, i dont remember very clearly, cuz i kinda freaked out. happily cut the line, and told the policeman, ermmm slightly they just announced last call, please let me pass. he took his time assessing the situation and replying, but to his credit, he did let me through. when i finally entered the aircraft, my friend who was already comfortably seated sweetly pointed out to the already feeling stupid me that i was vurry vurry early. i have to tell you though, that i felt much better when shortly after i was seated, i saw other people come scrambling in. also the fact that mine was a window seat was a definite comfort too. (click here to know why).
i was semi-anxious to land though, cuz i was waiting to see offa friend of mine (lets call him G) at the international terminal. i was worried about whether i will make it in time before he goes inside, cuz i had this book i wanted to give him. to take my mind off the worry, i sat and wrote out a small letter to him and a little note inside the book. by then it was time to fasten the seat belt and prepare for landing. no sooner had i switched on my mobile and i had my roomy calling me to ask where i was. they were waiting at the international terminal for G. i told them i would join then shortly. by the time i reached the terminal, G was also there. i barely had time to say take care and give him the book and he was off inside. so a few of us thought we’ll go as much inside the airport as we could and say bye to him after he’s chk’d in. got the entry tickets and we just enter, and i swear the sight just took my breath away. we were in a biggish room, actually it was just a continuation of the hall where all the chk-in counters were. but this section had been seperated by, wait for this, a Grill!! it was like i was there to see people in prison. one does not expect a grill in an airport, well, at least i dont. but anyway, like i keep saying, i go the distance for my friends, so i waited. you have to know that the entire length of the err..wall…was crowded. not like i was expecting to have a long, beautiful conversation with G, but at least he would know that we were there to wish him well. but the grill haunts me still.

on a totally different note, i hope everyone enjoyed themselves and indulged over christmas. (belated?) Merry Christmas to all…and hope NYE’s a blast as well. 🙂

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