LOL! – 2

Was listening to this song i really like (i would tell you which one if i could only figure out what it was called), and i remembered something. and was loling away quietly (oxymoron that huh..hmm) at the memory.

in the dimly lit room, music blared. the room filled with the pulsating urgency of the trance track that was playing. two bodies, frantic efforts. every once in a while, an almost succumbing to the pressure of the situation. almost. more frenzy follows. desparate attempts are made to feel. neither had tried as hard to persuade, and almost suceeded as many times. almost. what now? increasing frustration. ironic laughter. self reflection. a little more clawing at what seemed to be just beyond reach. a few desparate plunges. and yet, nothing. the music! please enjoy the music! why cant i just enjoy the music!


ps: its not supposed to be funny to anyone but me, so dont be too baffled. 🙂


7 thoughts on “LOL! – 2

  1. Hey blogger,

    This comment is on ur profile description. A person cannot be more candid than this. Just wonderful! Wish u success.


  2. Deepa: hehehe, wouldn't you say? 😀

    AquaM:I chk'd it out long before you let me know 😛 also, guess what? i have a coupla those books as well 😀 havent read them tho so lemme know when you finish

    Anonymous (rt): am not quite sure if you mean that or if its sarcastic..i'll just be a simpleton and take it as an honest compliment, and say “Thank ye” 🙂 keep visiting..

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