Untitled 2

Not for everyone the romantic dream.
Some lie down to sleep,

Some lie to rest
Others in death and
Some in hope turn in.
Seeking escape sometimes,
Sometimes solitude
Companions at others.
Reading, feeling
Talking, or in silence;
Relinguishing some their masks
Some reclaiming it,
For themselves and
A couple for others.
But not all dream
Nor find what they seek.

8 thoughts on “Untitled 2

  1. Parag: and i'll just say..”everyone can”..also..thanks.

    Ramblings: yeah i know what you mean. refreshes one to just hang out like that. Miss ya too *hug*

    Rita: yeah sadly, and yet again. 😦

    Morpheus: Thanks.
    hmm..you have a point. But of course, i was talking about the romantic (and/or happy) ones..where you see yourself as what you wish you were.

  2. But not all dream” Amen to that …….

    Nor find what they seek“…
    Story of my life , you should be knowing by now :p

    P.S. I'z Wantz the proper unedited version

    PeepeeYes. Great template and Thanks for the beta thingy update and yes ok i admit ..for the emoticon “thingy” too

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