(A story-type thing. Sorry no Review. Promise to put it up again soon. Please to adjust in the meantime.)
We are all busy, aren’t we? No time for anything except the absolutely necessary. But even so, have you ever felt the need to think back? This urge to look back and see what you almost missed?….Or to remember something…?
….. Oh! There I go again! All these thoughts….they wouldn’t have come if only I were not stuck like this at home. I’m Shivani, by the way. I’m a student, but just right now, I’m at home with a broken foot no thanks to a little mishap in the bathroom 2 days ago..! Both my mother and father work…so I have only me for company.
Anyway, since I started…I might as well continue.
I’ve heard people say, that each day of our life is important. So I’m going to describe one important day of my life. Not important in the usual sense of the word, not because anything unusual happened through the course of that day. No-one’s birthday, no-one’s anniversary. Just another ordinary day…in all its insignificant glory………….

TTRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrring…….she sits up with a jolt. Switches off the alarm, and with a sigh, tries to go back to sleep. She knows in a few minutes her mother would come and try to wake her up.
True to her habit, her mother enters her room five minutes later.
“Shivani beta! Don’t you have college today? Wake up, child. You don’t want to be late today.”
Her mother opens the curtains. It’s a beautiful day, really. That was the advantage of having a flat in the very edge of the complex, and having a room that faces away from civilization; one could actually see the Sun rising from below the trees if one wanted to, or was able to wake up in time, whichever happened first.
The morning was really pleasant. The sun’s rays fell on her palm, warming it just a little bit…almost tickling her. She threw off her blanket and getting up…went to the window. The sun trickling through the branches of their potted plants, making gorgeous patterns on the floor…silently.
And she wished she could go back to sleep.
It’s the tea that finally managed to wake her up. The smell, the bitter taste. Now she could think about what to do with her day. The early morn vision of bliss had gone clean out of her mind. She had already forgotten it. Quickly she pondered over the hours of the day, decided on which books to carry and which to keep out and went for her bath.
Now, there was something else that she enjoyed. The water: its cool steady stream reassured her….prepared her for the day. But by the time she was out and into her own room, she had forgotten that too.
“Hmm ….now what to wear…?”…THIS was agony. Just as usual, she picked up her blue jeans and the first top that came into her hand in the wardrobe – a black one this time. “Oh well…it’s a nice combination”.
There was no time to waste in unnecessary thought anymore; she was already running out of time. Combing her hair, wearing her contact lenses, packing her bag, eating her breakfast, all happened in record time.
The route was the same, the one she took everyday. Perhaps even the crowd was the same. It certainly behaved the same way. Every single person knew exactly where he or she was going, or so it seemed. They neither looked here nor there, just straight ahead. She realized, like she did every day, that she was perhaps one of the very few who looked around while stopping at a signal. The thought gave her a queer sense of delight, because it made her feel she was almost invisible to them, but she on the other hand could see exactly what they were up to. No wonder she liked driving….uh…riding her bike so much.
She reached college in time, like every day. The next three hours were a blur. There were classes, teachers came and gave lectures. She listened. She liked listening.
Then there was the break. This is when she actually talked to her classmates. About what? Nothing at all. Eat with them and generally “hang out” with them. The major “event” of the day. Now was the time to remember. Remember people, clothes, and what happened to who and when. Those things are important.
“It is impossible to keep quiet when one is with friends, they invariably make you talk….draw you out.”
She smiled.
The next two hours again went past her in a blaze. She wondered, at the end of it, if there ever would be a day when she would have caught up with these two last hours. The bell rings and she gets up to head homeward. In spite of everything, she had looked forward to it…she was quite hungry; and she could drive…uh…ride.. again.
Her mother walked in five minutes after she had herself. The television was switched on. They shared their meal in comfortable silence.
Another moment lost.
After lunch she lazed around the drawing room for some time. In the evening, there were a few telephone calls for her. Then she went away into her room to try and go through all that had been done that day. The day was discussed at the dinner table….a kind of family reunion ritual. She browsed the internet for a little while, actually just checked her mail; then, deciding it was time for bed, she took one last look outside and lay herself down.

There is so much to learn from each day….so much I don’t really bother to remember. I wish I hadn’t bothered now either. I was happy enough not knowing. They say “Ignorance is Bliss.” Hopefully, this I will remember…….


7 thoughts on “Memory

  1. i believe that every single day you learn something. all you have got to be to do that is to be open and observant. Every day is unique, every moment. So it is not abad thing to sit back once in a while, take a break from the hustle and bustle and ponder over things gone past…

    Ignorance is never bliss…because ignorance is expensive…because ignorance you ll have to pay for…because ignorance kills…
    why then do ppl say ignorance is bliss…probably coz u ll never know wat hit u…n by the time its done and over with you probably wouldn care or even worse, be in a position to care…

    great post…

  2. We do learn many things everyday. Some concious, some we are unaware. We just knew it when we apply it instinctively to a situation.

    But learning and knowing that you do is good. Though sometimes we learn by going thru difficult situations…

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