Last Weekend

So the last weekend was a hectic weekend. Between trying to get thru to certain people on the phone who forever asked me to call back in “TTTENNN minutes pleeez” and meeting up and cooking with friend from around here, I really don’t know where the Saturday and Sunday flew off.
Friday night a friend from college called up to say that she and her boyfriend will be dropping by the next day, maybe for lunch. And I was all, wow, you finally thought to come n all. Apparently the boyfriend needed to get some kinda test done for which they were coming to a clinic near my place, so they figured they might as well kill tow birds with the same stone and come to my place also. Very good I said, come come!
So they came. Some 45 mins after I work up on Saturday morning she msg’d me saying that they’ll be on their way soon. And I hadn’t even finished breakfast. I didn’t even have enough things for lunch. So after she came we went to the foodworld that is rather conveniently placed right opposite my house. Then we both cooked. She undertook the chicken and I took up the rice, dal and vegetable. Now she, didn’t really think I could cook, like several other of my friends. Its not her fault really, cuz the only time she saw me cook, I managed to burn what I was cooking properly. But still, one would think one would have a little more faith than that on one’s friend. Since she did not, she was mightily shocked when she saw that I had made edible stuff. You see the thing about cooking is that it can create the most amiable atmosphere, but if and only if everyone involved decides not to give up or take over the kitchen. I find kitchen conversations very enchanting. And maybe it also helps that knives are always close at hand therefore people just decide to be good to each other. In any case, me n my friend were good to each other. Caught up on gossip n everything, and generally had a rather fun time. After the meal they helped me clean up and then they were gone. I could not go anywhere cuz I was expecting the internet people(that’s how we refer to them in India isn’t it? 🙂 ) were supposed to come by to configure my connection. I had to call them twice and I got some vague non-committal response. Finally I was getting on being really angry and was just about to call them up for the third time, when the phone rang and it was them asking if they could come in say another hour or so. Approximately an hour later they came, and within 10 mins were done. And I was thinking, how for just these 10 mins they made me call and also waste an entire day. Anyway, happy happy joy joy! I am now connected to the enchanting world of the internet yet again!
In the evening a couple of my friends from office dropped by. We just sat around n chatted n stuff and they left deciding that we would all meet up for lunch and a movie on Sunday.
And that’s what happened. Two of them plus one came over to my place. The ‘plus one’ is girl, lets just call her M for now. so it was only after M came that I started cooking. This time it was rice, sambaar, chicken curry and payasam/kheer. (Semiya ka kheer for those who might be interested). A little after lunch M left, and then it was back to me with the two guys. We’d decided on a movie right. Originally of course we had wanted to watch Ice Age 2, but what with it being the weekend, and it being a new release, there were no tickets. Finally we settled for V for Vendetta. (Let me also quickly add that I watched it on the Imax screen.) I liked the movie. It had hints of Zorro and Matrix in it, but over all I think it did fairly well for itself. No no, I must control myself. I want to do a proper review of the movie. Its been a while since I did one anyway.
Well that’s all that was. I was home only by about 11pm. Then my parents came online and I chatted with them for a short while then went to bed.
Yeah I would say it was fun and satisfyingly busy weekend. Its quite boring to not have anyone around to make any noise or anything. Soon however I shall have a room-mate and all will be well. That’s it for now. Please remind me to do the review.

11 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. “maybe it also helps that knives are always close at hand therefore people just decide to be good to each other.”
    Hehe…this ws a witty way 2 put it…and V for Vendetta…i missed this 1…but yea even i'd suggest u try out 'Crash' which is based on racial conflicts in the US… or 'Munich'…which is the true story of Israeli govt's reprisal against the Palestinian militants…
    Oh and wishing u a happy time in ur new place!

  2. This time it was rice, sambaar, chicken curry and payasam/kheer. (Semiya ka kheer for those who might be interested)

    OMG for the Nth time….stop talking about food will ya ??….”for those who might be interested ” it seems …..Grrrrr

  3. Bigfatdeal: err…ummm…i will…eventually.

    dazedandconfused: i wanted to see crash, but it kinda ran out of the theatres here i think.

    R_O_L: Thanks foe the happy wish. 🙂 as for the movie recos, i shall try.

    Ashish: hehe..well that bit was speshul for you 😛 Good to have you wander around.

    Bigfatdeal: 🙂 Nothing indeed.

    AquaM: hey that was even before i came to meet you. also there's no freaking out without you around 😛 how's your phone doing?

    Reverend: hey man…thanks for dropping by. keep doing that 🙂

    Jackal: hehe, a little bit 😀 and thanks 🙂

    For all who have asked for the review, sorry, i've just been lazing around. But in the meantime i have put up something else. Pls let me know what you all think of it. 🙂

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