So here goes. Once again. Thanks to the one and only Ramblings!

Culinary Guilt: well@ nothing much here. I have always been of the non-fussy type. I’m one of those people who actually like vegetables, and dont just eat them cuz they have to be eaten. i even prefer veg to non-veg. but then i don’t like fruits. And I don’t like sweets and I don’t like ice cream and I’m no longer oree the crazy about chocolates. That having been said let me also say that I will just as shamelessly hog at chocolate rum mousse and death by chocolate like any other normal cocoa crazy person.
I like to think I can cook as well. Altho I havent had much of a chance at that. But then what with me living on my own, I dare say I will get the opportunity now. Will keep you all posted on what I do on that front.

Literary Guilt: aah yes err uhmm..yes…of course this…for a literature person I’m shamefully badly read. I really must get down to doing something about that.

Audiovisual Guilt: I am not even sure what I am to make of this one. I don’t watch tv that much. My two years of hostel life pretty much ensured that I give up on tv. But I am something of an expert at being online for long hours without achieving anything at all. And oh yeah, like with all other things, I have just the most awful luck with movies. A lot of the movies I have watched in the theatre especially have been so bad that I spent the entire tme commenting. But then that’s a lot of fun so I guess it all works out in the end.

Musical Guilt: Lets not even go there. I have an entire post on that, interested parties may read that here.

Celebrity Guilt: naah. This one is totally not me. Although I like to give out the vibe to certain people that I am like this mad drooling person when it comes to Abhishek Bachchan, I’m actually not that crazy about anyone. Honest!

Shopping Guilt: aaah, well. Like a lot of girls (and guys) out there, I can shop a lot when the mood seizes me, but most of the time I work very hard to rationalize and control this mood. Of course there have been weak moments when I have bought something that I totally did not need, nor use. Plenty of them actually, Daimm!

Clothes guilt: “I have no clothes! My clothes are all so boring!”

Is there more??…err yes plenty more.

Writer’s guilt (subset of literary guilt) : I cant count the number of times I’ve had a good idea for something but not done anything about it. So may poems, stories, essays. Its just sad. My blog is a classic example.

Phone bill guilt: I think this title is self-explanatory.

Exercise guilt: err..yeah all I can do I complain about my weight. I don’t actually do anything about it. This reminds me, Shiamak Davar’s school is coming to office to conduct a free workshop today, which I am going for. (yay!) Lets hope for the best.

That’s about it for now. I might not surface if I continued.


2 thoughts on “*SIGH*

  1. WOW! blink… blink… You have actually blogged…such things do happen. 😛
    Ms. scrawny… stop complaining abt the weight thingie! And thanks a bunch for putting this up…
    love u too. 😀

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