Post That Long Silence

So time for another quick “sorry for the silence” and moving on to juicier things.

The thing is I have kind of moved. Also broke tradition: didn’t tell the whole world (in a manner of speaking) about it. Changed jobs too. (sorry, yeah, that would be why I moved.) I’ve been in Hyderabad since 12th of March. I joined work on 13th.(please don’t say anything about 13th being unlucky, I have relatives who are almost waiting to hear it and say, “see, its not just me who thinks so”) and its been quite the exciting since then. Had a week of intensive training during which period we never got to see daylight. We were sitting in a dark room with a projector and food was pushed in from under the door at regular intervals. The food was good though 😉 When it was over, all of us had beards and white hair which made us all look very wise indeed. Also we all squinted at the light aplenty. And then we were set to work. With a millstone attached to each shoulder we have been carrying blocks of rocks on our heads so the upper management can have luxurious homes. Err…ok ok I’ll stop now 😀

Actually its been quite the great. We did have an intensive training programme, but it was also very interesting and a lot of fun. And now we are into proper work and that’s really interesting too (and also challenging). So I’m having a lot of fun. Oh yes, and I wasn’t lying about the food: it is quite good 😀
But what I really want to “share” with you all is what’s been happening outside office. So, since this time around I have not come to study, I have no hostel that I can just zimbly settle myself into. So firstly there was the whole house hunting thing. So I thought I’ll be a good girl and start the process asap. Which I did. On 13th evening I went with my friend to see if there were any flats near where she was staying. We walked around the whole place – there were plenty of apartment blocks but then most of them didn’t have any vacancies. There were a couple of empty ones, but then the people there weren’t keen on having bachelorettes(whatever the spelling) living there, so…that was that. And then I stopped being good girl, and the rest of the week I didn’t really go out house hunting (or did i?…naah I didn’t) Also because my parents said they would be coming in the weekend to help find a house *big grin*
Which happened. Saturday we roamed around a bit, my parents and me. Actually let me be fair – we roamed around a lot. My poor mommy, she was soooo tired. And in the evening we all got together, us and family friends from here in Hyd., to see what kind of options I had. My dad also mentioned how another family had told us about a vacant flat in their building. So the next day we thought we’ll check out that place. After we got there we found out that there were indeed two flats that were vacant in that building. This second is the flat which was finally fixed up for me. Monday morning parents left considerably light hearted (err you know what I mean). I still had a week at the guest house so it was decided that my parents would come again the next weekend to settle me into my new flat or whatever. Which is what happened. My parents came Saturday morning and by the time they left on Monday morning, my flat was good enough for a family of four. I even have a dining table, man! This is just too cool. Yeah I know, I am blessed. Thank you Mom, Thank you Dad.
But see there’s only so much they can do. After they left I was to be pretty much on my own. I wasn’t too worried. I was thinking to myself: “bah! I’ve lived in hostel. How much different can it be? Just the additional odd cooking, that’s it.” Not surprisingly, I woke up disoriented. In fact my brain is probably taking its time adjusting because I woke up all disoriented for nearly a whole week. I mean I would wake up, and then not know what the hell to do! There was always this nagging feeling of “there must be something I’m supposed to be doing, something I’m supposed to be checking.” And every evening I come back from office and find that I have left something on: either the room light, or the fan or the bathroom light. Once I even forgot my mobile phone at home K . But I must point out the not so obvious bright side – that its never been the same thing twice, and also that its never been something as potentially dangerous as the iron, or the gas or the water, neither have I ever forgotten to say, err, lock the door.
And for all the “odd cooking” that I expected to do, I haven’t yet cooked once. The slight advantage of living next door to very caring family friends is that every meal they see you around for, they call you over for. (Ashish, they are mallu, so I get authentic home food whenever I want. Hah! ) But tonight, it being Sunday night n all, I have decided I’m going to cook no matter what. (and I have cooked before, and people have lived to tell how delicious it was, so save all your caustic remarks for someone else people :P)


13 thoughts on “Post That Long Silence

  1. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    😀 Cant stop grining seeing you here atlast…umm I mean your blog.
    *big bear hug*
    You forgot about your cell there too? 😛
    Well sow sow forgot hers at her work so… no biggie I guess.
    I went shopping, feeling a little guilty about it but it was way too tempting and I couldnt resist. 😉
    Keep mentioning the food…pinky bunny needs to be reminded about it all the time.Lol!

  2. Welcome back you :).Missed you !

    And for “(Ashish, they are mallu, so I get authentic home food whenever I want. Hah! )” – you shall suffer I tell you , SUFFER !

    As for the wild boar Zee , she does get her fair share every now and then , so justice has been served 🙂

    Keep posting ( so much for gTalk)!

  3. heyyy Veeeeeeeee!

    I'm so glad to see your post! Finally! So this is the side that you didn't mention over the phone. But good to know that you have settled in and all that! Maybe we should go for a visit! And don't worry, I'll take AquaM along so that you dont have to cook! hehe!

  4. Hullo madam,
    All settled and stuff, eh? sooooper cool 😀
    BTW, are you staying all by youself? :O Are you sure that you are not being watched by ghosts? 😛
    Juat kidding! Take care 🙂

  5. Aizwaikcha: thanks 🙂

    Ramblings: yay! yeah i'm happy to be back as well.
    “pinky bunny” – is that the latest name?? wow what a properness! 😀

    Ashu!: yes lets hope i keep posting now 😛 and also
    LOL@ “you shall suffer I tell you , SUFFER”

    AFJ: yes please. make that trip. you saw the layout, there's plenty of space. 🙂 i'll even cook if you like. you guys can all just put your feet up and chill.

    Rita: hi! yeah just about settling. i'm living by myself till mid-may. and no man, nothing as exciting as ghosts 🙂

    Bigfatdeal: err..yes thank you 😛

    Ramblings: thank you! 🙂

  6. On the other hand, there is me that forgets to lock the door every so often and I wouldn't even know if something did go missing from the house. so u r way better. 🙂

  7. nice one…
    me here after a long time ….
    was bit busy.. now made a comeback to this blogg world
    nice to read ur post after a long time

  8. dazedandconfused: thanks 🙂 will chk thath out soon.

    Biju: lol! how reassuring.

    Ajay: hi! good you are back. only as usual i'm not all that regular. but then thats just normal. so…

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