Yes so people, all those who want to, please go and watch Rang De Basanti soon. I just watched it and I want to write a review, and I dont want to be accused of ‘spoiling’ the fun/movie.

20 thoughts on “Request

  1. My ramblings – I missed out the last para 'coz it loaded up late , so considering you realize the implications of your words and willing to face the consequences , HEADS UP …ZEE DOORS SLAMMED SHUT :p

    Halo ? What halo ? It's more like Hollow and that too in the HEAD :p

  2. Ahem…
    I wasnt even planning on gangin up with u!Wasnt even heading that direction! So you can keep slamming the door as much as you want. Watch out hope your fingers dont get caught in the process. *ouch*
    U sure miscalculated pal!:P

    And like I said evil ppl like you cant see the 'light', get it? you big fuse bulb!!!Lol
    I like this.;)

  3. I saw the movie that day…
    It was nice 🙂

    Aamir saved money I think by using costume from Mangal Pandey…including his moustache….but who cares, I was busy watching Alice 😉

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