The Other Story

Like music…my affair with dance is also infamous…at least in my family. This one though was my own obsession. My mum tells me that in the afternoon when everyone would be sleeping, I would go play some random music and dance all by myself. I was ever ready if my mum wanted me to do a dance performance anywhere – she’d choreograph and sing the song while I danced. It was perfect. And like all mothers, she loved to dress me up and make me dance, and like most little girls I had no issues sitting there and letting my mum freak out. My mum even had me dance at the school where she was teaching…that must have been weird. Whatever, who cared? Not me! I was happy just generally dancing. I don’t even think I was aware of the people watching. In that I was quite a self-contained child – talking to myself and to inanimate objects and any animal, insect, bird…anything at all actually. Our family friends will tell you how they have watched me going home from school talking to everything and everyone on the way. But wait, that’s a whole another story.
When I was in second standard, amma thought the time was right to send me to get some formal training in dance. I was enrolled for Odissi classes. It was great fun. I was fascinated by our master. He couldn’t speak a word of English (not that I could), but to watch him move was something else. The grown up cynic in me would maybe say that it was all because I was so young and therefore so easily impressed, but I would brush aside that. But alas! Wasn’t meant to be. Dad got transferred less than an year later.
I did not however lose any of my interest or enthusiasm. I was all for participating in dance competitions, dance performances for school annual days (God alone knows who all laughed for those…two straight years I was part of tribal type dance…man! When I look at some of those pictures!! *eyes wide with horror at self*). Like I’ve already said though, I really wasn’t bothered at the time.
Fifth standard, I was once again enrolled for dance classes – this time Kuchipudi. I was really excited now. Like a good girl I would practice once I got home and everything. The teacher even called my mother and told her that I have ‘potential’. But alas! We had to move to Chennai. But I did not give up…Chennai also I tried joining classes. Obviously, this time it was Bharatanatyam. But sadly something or the other would happen and I would have to discontinue. And then there was the whole classical music fiasco. I gave up. I figured its gone wrong so many times; I should finally get the hint – Me’s not meant for Dancing either.

But now the fever’s back…well…kinda anyway. This time I want to learn western (since I seem to have tried all sorts of Indian classical…but can you believe! My mum wants me to try Kathak!! Moms are soooo inscrutable!) Lets hope I have better luck this time. And I will also try to infect others with the dance bug too… 😀

7 thoughts on “The Other Story

  1. Shikha: amma tried her best to sell Kathak classes to me, but it didnt work. i'm keener on western now. thats why its taking time to get started: we are negotiating 😀

    Abaniko: yes i would agree. Dancing IS good. 😀

    Naveen: hey i'm hardly 'jack of all trades'…i just got started in a lot of things…and just a start counts for almost nothing so…

    Ajay: yes dancing is good exercise…but more than that i think its just plain funn! yay! …uhmm…sorry i tend to get like that sometimes…

  2. Lol! You still talk to urself. 😛

    Yikes I still remember how mom wanted me to learn Bharatanatyam, but thankfully dad got transferred.

    You want others to get the dance bug? 🙂 I dont mind vee but my timings clash big time, hostel and all that jazz.

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