Me and Music

I’ve had a very long standing on again off again relationship with both dance and music(‘Dance’ part of it shall be taken up later).
It all started because my mother is an excellent singer. Ever since I
can remember I have heard her sing, and heard others praise her singing. For the first several years of my life I lived in a small township…well dad had a transferable job so we moved between townships. Each place would have these events – basically so that they don’t get bored. Also the fact that there really wasn’t anything to do out there helped in the creation of ladies club, which in turn organized these events. There was the annual fete, then Husband’s night, Wives night (yes I am aware of how lame that sounds, thank you), then the get togethers for the various festivals…at each of these events, my mom would sing – solo and with another uncle. I remember sitting in for their practice sessions…by the time the actual event is to happen, even I would know all the owrds by heart. And still, when they perform I would listen almost mersmerized. She had a fan club anywhere she went. Within the family too, at get togethers, she’d be asked to sing.
There are problems attached to talented parents though. The main one is that people tend to assume talented mom=talented daughter. So obviously each time I would also be asked to sing after her. For a long time I wasn’t bothered about anything so I would oblige. As I went along
however, I realised that hello! My voice is not meant for singing. News readings, poetry reading…I’ll even stretch it as far as dramatics…(and don’t take this too seriously is what I would also add) but singing? I don’t think so. But good-natured as my family is, they will insist everytime. My mum even tried to send me to singing classes..and then what happened – the teacher gently told me one day to take up an instrument. “Violin” she suggested. The world must have sighed with relief.
Then more recently I tried the instrument. I think it was two months after I started violin classes – I met with an accident. Proved to everyone that my talents lay elsewhere by actually managing break my collarbone. The violin has been silent ever since. Although I listen to all sorts of stuff I neither play nor sing. Life’s just simpler like this…no pressure of having to maintain one’s voice, bother with practice. Just sit back and enjoy… I like my life.

9 thoughts on “Me and Music

  1. My mom also sings and sings well though she is no Lata Mangeshkar. And also, it's a kind of ritual for us Bengalis to know how to sing and dance. Among songs, it has to Hindustani classical or Rabindrasangeet. For dance, the rules are slightly more relaxed: any dance will do, preferably classical: Odissi and Bharatanatyam score very high with parents.

    I did both but not for long. My first singing class was also my last. The Bharatanatyam classes lasted longer than that, about year. Then, both were stopped, apparently since I didn't have time to do both sing and dance and sports and study!

  2. Know my mom is a great singer as well, and when i reply to people that I don't sing, I can almost see that vicious smile in their eyes. They don't understand that you don't have to be good in everything that your parents are good at or viceversa.

  3. I think(*I stress this*) I have a good voice (guys, dont stare at me, Okay??) and have always wanted to sing..but I have never been able to do that..

    I had pestered my mom to get me a guitar, without even learning how to play it…whenever I go home on vacation, I would play 'Hotel California' in the music player and would be banging the guitar as if I were singing 🙂

    Good'ol days!!

  4. I totally sympathise with u wendy! coming from me that is big compiment. Well, my mom successfully bullied me into going for Carnatic music for 6 years until I decided that I want to take up an instrument. I played the veena for a year and then I cud take it no longer. My guru was a grumpy short tempered woman and I finally walked out. To this day, I deam of playing th guitar. So far, no luck!

  5. AFJ: “Then, both were stopped, apparently since I didn't have time to do both sing and dance and sports and study! “
    and thats 'both'?? how??

    Akshay: yeah man! i totally know what you mean.

    Naveen: good for you man. and now that you've got the guitar…you might as well learn it na?

    Ashish: no man. you're in another 'ROYAL' league. 😛 you dont get to sit back n enjoy ….EVER!

    Bigfatdeal: hah! yeah all the best with that.

    AquaM: 6 years! man! thats really cool!and yeah i'm sure there are plenty of places in chennai where you can learn to play the guitar…why dont you give them a try?

    Shikha: hmm..interesting definition of boredom 🙂

  6. Singing? My mom is one person in the family who has won prizes for singing and dancing. Needless to say I am all gangly limbs and I can make a donkey J with my singing.
    But who cares? I still sing and the dancing has improved. I dance to my hearts content on the dance floor. 😀 Life “is” good.

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