Visual Treat

I wish I could say… “Sorry about the silence.” But then most of you (that’s assuming there is a most) will just say “yeah that’s what, so what’s new?” so yeah here I am…shamelessly…after so many days of silence.
I actually was not in town last few days…went to Hyd!! *sigh* yes and I am rather predictably missing it now. Went and came, as my friend would love to point out, posh-ly by flight. It definitely has its advantages, and I refer not only to the saving time thing, but also to the fact that well…this is difficult to explain. See, I’ve always been fascinated by/with flying…I think in some ways I have just not grown up. I still stare out of the window and down at the view (?? Would that be the word I am looking for?), the way I did when I flew for the first time. But you know what was new this time? I flew at night. Wow! I mean seriously! I never…I mean, I’ve seen aerial shots of the city, or the earth in general, but then, to see it for myself…daimm! It was just amazing. The very thought of it still kind of overwhelms me. On my way back I tried to take a couple of pictures…but then, oh well! Lets not pretend…I have a very sad camera to be taking super fantastic pictures with…I’ll be surprised if anything at all turns up. One of those moments when I totally regret not having an SLR of my own. *sigh*
As the plane glided over my good ol’ city, I was trying to see if I could figure out the main roads…I don’t think I got too far though, it gets a bit confusing as you climb higher. But then the main roads were like streams of fire. It was like a pitch black sea, a portion of which was on fire…and that in a strangely organized manner.
Hmm…ok before I start sounding any soppier than I do already I shall sign off. Maybe I’ll do one more post on my trip, as I don’t seem to have covered it at all. Hmm yes…there’s a thought. Anyway…
Happy New Year to you all! Hope the year ahead is full of laughter and happy thoughts aplenty. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Visual Treat

  1. Welcome back :).Nice to see an update which is ironic considering i 've been slagging it off myself but nevertheless good to have you back and oh yes before i forget HAPPY NEW YEAR , hope you HAD a blast ….TELEGU STYLE !

  2. I'm glad you had a great vacation..Mmm..Yea..cities like Chennai look fabulous in aerial views 🙂 Have fun!!

    I'd suggest you to make a New year resolution to post regularly 🙂

  3. Happy new year veee!

    I know what you would have said when you looked down at the view -“would you look at that?” standard you. 😛
    Yep, in the nite it looks pretty amazing. I do the wowy thing myself.
    And hey why dont ya blog abt new years eve…*wicked grin*

  4. I remember when I first saw Atlanta from the Boeing 767 that I was on. That was my first time on any flight and my first view of the US. I saw the downtown and the baseball stadium. Was so impressed!! Will never forget that view.

    Happy new year!

  5. Some things never cease to amaze.I have been on many flights.But i still look forward to the aerial view..Same with water bodies while travelling by train:)

  6. Every time I travel by plane I always take the seat by the window because I love to peek outside to see the clouds and the city far down. So, you're not alone. 😀

  7. Ashish: ironic indeed. and happy to you too…

    Naveen: uhmm..i think slightly not happening the resolution is. hehe

    Ramblings: yes i shall blog about new year's eve “when the time is right” 😛

    v_O_D: 🙂 yes aerial views are of the impressive. happy new year to you too. thanks for dropping by.

    Bigfatdeal: not that far away, just about 12.5 hrs. here to hyd takes 14 hrs…see not that far 🙂

    AFJ: lol! yes but i went by deccan.wasnt so bad this time, except uhmm…there somehow seemed too much noise, which i found a bit weird…i didnt dwell on it tho, didnt want to freak myself out.

    AquaM: yes shall chk out the book..(once you finish reading it :P)

    Shikha, Abaniko, R_O_L: good to know i have plenty of company. yay! 🙂

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