From a long time ago

Naveen’s post reminded me of something. This is some lame stuff i came up with long long ago…nearly 6 years i think. So please forgive its small (or big) problems. I just generally wanted to put it up…

SEVEN. Hmm…It’s lonesome here…Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Ok fine.. Let’s you and me talk, just the two of us. Ok? What shall we talk about? Hmm….Oh yeah I know….let’s talk about Silence…..
Ahem! Yeah maybe not. Ok so let’s just randomly start something…
Just look around you…just do…see….everything is seven.
O.K. Maybe I’m imposing myself…maybe its just the way I feel. Yes maybe it is….I shouldn’t do that.
So that’s settled then. It’s just the way I feel. Seven rules alright, but rules my life…though I’m more than inclined to give it a…well…a universal aspect. I mean, it’s seven colors that make the rainbow, its seven sins there are, even my shoe size is seven!! Remember sleeping beauty? Seven fairies visited her when she was born, it was the seventh that softened her curse. And snow white? Snow White and seven dwarfs! Oh! I could go on and on and on. And you know what the worst (or best?) thing is? I was born on the seventh.
See, the thing about seven is, it’s a beautiful number. I remember reading somewhere that, after one, seven is the most harmonious number. Hence the seven notes I suppose.
But this is getting nowhere. I’m just going on and on and on (goes with being a seven I guess). Let’s get some actual content into this thing….whatever it is.
What am I doing here? Why am I talking about a god forsaken number?! Some might say that it’s because I’m slightly gone in the head-I think I’ll go with that.
I am crazy. The number has driven me out of my mind. It’s a big part of my life and. I’m sick of it and in love with it at the same time. A life without seven would be…empty…But I do wish it wouldn’t pressurize me so!!
It has become this strong…rather bossy…thingy in me…..drives me to the extreme. (I know this sounds insane, I mean, it’s just a number right.) It’s true though-seven drives me on. It makes me do weird things. Like for example: if I try my friend’s number (phone number this time) and no-one answers, I cannot stop till I’ve tried seven times! If it doesn’t appear before me often enough, I go out searching for it. So if you, one day, see me wandering, aimlessly, lost…you know what I’m doing. A psychologist would call it a fixation I suppose and you can’t really blame him, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that truth exists, he believes in the “real”; in the 2s, the 3s, the 4s of life. Even if you don’t believe that truth exists as a number, you have to admit one thing, that twos, threes, fours, fives-they are all defined, but seven…well seven is a different story altogether. Notice how all things associated with seven (except my shoe size): the rainbow, music, the concept of sin, of being born, etc. are only seemingly real. Hmm…I think I’ve given you enough to think about for a few minutes at least. I better stop. Besides, its seven and getting really dark here. “Won’t someone turn on the light please?” I’ll see you around then?

12th September 2001….7:07 PM


13 thoughts on “From a long time ago

  1. Interesting blog (I linked here from your comment on Baghdad Girl's site–at least I think that's how I wandered here). Numbers are intriguing. My partner (along with some medieval thinkers whose names I don't recall) thinks things go in 5's. And Jung, the psychologist, thought everything went by 4's. But 7's certainly have a reputation as a magic sort of number. Me, I kind of like threes, but haven't the faintest idea why that should be!

  2. thats one post full of numbers..whenever people ask me to think of a number i either say 7 or 9..7 because its supposed to be a lucky number and 9 was easy studying the multiplication table for 9:)

  3. 🙂 U remind me of 'Phi' or the Divine Proportion in Da Vinci Code.
    I enjoyed reading it, and like your writing style, it's quite engaging.
    Oh by the way, i recently posted my '7th' post. 🙂
    Keep Blogging !!!

  4. bigfatdeal: yes i wonder too 🙂

    ramblings: yes the list does go on…thats precisely my point..7 is just too cool…

    jarvenpa: i ran a search on “3” just to see what would come up..This is what i found. 🙂

    Shikha: i brought back memories of multiplication tables? well i hope you liked math…

    r_o_l: “engaging” huh? cool! thanks 🙂

    AFJ: yes it was from that only. an audition, and i did not qualify 😀

    AquaM: knew about 9 being lucky, but not about “everything boils down to 9” hmm..maybe i'll run a search on that too…

    naveen: hehehe…are you asking me? i have a 7 fixation :D. what do you think i'll say?

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