I thought I’ll blog last night itself!! I was so vurry happy. My computer keyboard at home is finally fixed. Now the rest of the world must be wondering “o…k…Whats the big deal about that?” See it’s just that, my keyboard was in such a bad shape,that,I,have,_ee_,typi_g,like,this,for,a,while,_ow. If,you’ll,please,_otice,it,is,quite,the,pai_. I,_ever,realised,u_til,the_,how,much,we,use,the,letter,’_’. It,was,eve_,quite,fu__y. _ut,you,k_ow,what,tha_kfully,_o,vowels,gave,up,o_,me…_ecause, That,would’ve,_ee_,really,sad. My,frie_ds,had,a,_it,of,fu_,at,my,expe_ce,tho. Good,for,them. It,actually,got,to,a,poi_t,where,I,was,starti_g,to,get,comforta_le, with,this,ki_d,of,typi_g,you,k_ow. _ot,much,of,a,help,co_sideri_g,others,were,still,havi_g, pro_lems,u_dersta_di_g. Also,I,did,_ot,thi_k,it,would,_e,too,wise,to,get,used,to,it.
A_yway…uff! I mean anyway…its fixed now, so i don’t really have to bother. Yay! I can type and all that nicely, at my normal speed. Yay!

15 thoughts on “yay!

  1. Wow..now if you send an anonymous letter to someone, we can find it out šŸ™‚ Like it happens with the crooked 'a' in The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer šŸ™‚

  2. rita: šŸ˜€ yes, thank you.
    abaniko: yes would've veem very comvemiemt imdeed!
    mru: oh yes! last time my keyboard conked(yes it wasnt the first time) it was an 'e'!!!man!!terrible times!!
    arz000n: that only! lol!
    naveen: only…now my keys are working fine so, maybe i'll just pretend…yes one can always do that when one is trying to be anonymous.

  3. I had a nice time reading it. considerin the kind of mistakes i made i totally sympathise with ur pals. No “space bar”, no “n” no “b” true u never know the no of times u use one letter till it goes missing. i wonder how it would sound if u read it aloud without those letters..quite funny actually. šŸ˜€

  4. Ramblings: yes i hope someone heard while you tried reading my post the way its written šŸ˜› that would definitely have been funny.

    Dan Husain: yes was a pain while it lasted. now i just sorta remember it with fondness.

    AFJ: hehehe totally!

    Sonu: yes try it..and omit a vowel when you do. might as well go all out when you are going šŸ˜€

    Abhishek: uuh..no idea what you were trying to say…:| but shall i just say thank you for it anyway?:)

    Ashish: lol! yes…every alternate line from my friends on chat used to be “huh?!!” “what??!” “get lost! i cant chat with you..you sound like you are abusing me!” very funny indeed. šŸ˜€

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