Untitled 1

overtired, overpowered,
dreams live with us
tomorrow is here always,
knocking forever, on
the other door which is always open
redundant, like the
many more happy returns of the day.

10 thoughts on “Untitled 1

  1. 🙂
    “dreams live with us anyway”
    we are not a race that gives up easily are we?
    “tomorrow is here always”
    We live one day at a time always waiting and hoping that tomorrow would be better than today….or dreading that it could turn out to be far worse.
    I really like the pic.

  2. Hey,
    Nice word works.
    Let me add few lines to it…
    creation of our minds, dreams
    mirror of our desires, dreams

    not so real but realize, dreams
    we can achieve them but we fail, dreams

    should we act rather, dreams
    act and we make our life like, dreams


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