I’ve been tagged too!!

This is one of those slightly difficult things for me, which is why it took this long. I can never think in terms of lists.
*sigh* Well, here goes…

Seven things that I plan to do:
1. Travel plenty
2. Have a house which I can set up all on my own
3. Write (and publish): anything, everything
4. Study, maybe even manage a PhD
5. Live a simple life
6. Have kids and raise them well
7. Read plenty

Seven things that I can do:1. Make a good omlette (me too!)
2. Experiment with food (eating as well as cooking)
3. Write
4. Keep myself, and my surroundings neat
5. Be psycho-ly worried about people I care about
6. Organize
7. Be sarcastic 🙂

Seven things I can’t:1. Exercise regularly
2. Keep my phone bill low
3. Stop listening to music
4. Watch sappy movies silently
5. Be generally chatty
6. Read fast
7. Go against my instinct

Seven things I say most often:1. Hmmm…
2. uhmm…
3. yes
4. that only
5. that’s what
6. Nothing.
7. uuh

Seven people I want to tag:Sorry, this I can’t do. I don’t know so many people,seriously.


10 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged too!!

  1. arz000n, yes..big looking phone bills are not good for health. *shakes head*

    naveen, “a connoisseur of food”..lol! no..just someone who gets adventurous with food. A lot of times though it gets me into trouble, with the other refusing to touch what i've ordered.. *sheepish smile*

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