The Cake

So this is how it all came about…
This was more than an year ago. One fine day, actually it was more like night, as it was around 8 pm. My brother comes up to me with this, according to me, highly shilly grin on his face, and says, “you know, its amma’s birthday tomorrow”. Wow! Now this is quite significant coming from my brother, and that too while he addresses me, because till the last year, I used to be the one reminding him of birthdates(yeah I know its probably wrong, but its ok) of various family members, and even his friends, imagine! So anyway he asks me, and I just look at him funny, like he just sprouted bunny ears, and say, “Yeah I remember its her birthday tomorrow, vaguely…very very vaguely, not as clearly as you at any rate.”
Him: Yeah so don’t you wanna do something about it?
Me: uuh…yeah I would…like to do something for her, yes.
Him: hmm. Yeah so I was thinking….(suddenly there is this brilliant light, the light of brilliance, because, you see, my brother was suddenly grinning. One is blinded. And while I blink, he continues…) I was thinking maybe we could bake her a cake…
Me: *raising eyebrows while blinking (it’s an amazing feat, takes tremendous effort…)* Oooo, nice idea chattan. I hope you know how to do that, because I surely don’t.
Him: *(still grinning)* No I don’t know, but I have a recipe for it. For a chocolate cake…
Me: Ok. Why don’t you show it to me. Lets first see if we have all that we would need (and he starts to pull out his wallet…apparently my brother was going through a phase where you start carrying cake recipes in your wallet) And why can’t you get your bright ideas a little earlier in the day? I mean its nearly 8.30. And why are you grinning like that!!
Him: yeah well, at least I remembered this time.
Me: point.
Him: so what do you think??
Me: hmmm. Oooo…Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: 2 cups flour (wheat), 1 ½ cup – Refined Oil, 3 eggs, 1 cup – ‘coco powder’ (Cadburys), 2 cups suga,r 1cup warm milk, ½ cup warm water, ¾ tsp baking soda, ¾ soda powder.
Let me check if we have everything, otherwise, fun for you. You can go out and get whatever is needed.

As it turned out (and you know my brother’s always been a bit lucky like this) we have all the ingredients at home, even the “1 cup – coco powder (Cadburys)”. Of course we had to bake it without my parents knowing, and at 8.45 my parents were very much awake. So brother quickly consults his phone and comes up with the (rather obvious) solution – “We should wait till parents go to sleep and then come out and bake”. Since we all go to bed only around 11 (or even later) we had a nice long wait, and a nice long night after the nice long wait. It was decided that we would start at midnight.
But you know how it is with brilliant people – my brother being one of them I would know – they can’t contain themselves. At 20 mins to 12, he comes and is busily banging at my door. Whats wrong with that you ask? Well, for one the fact that my room is right next to my parents, unlike his own, which is a bit removed. For another, it was 20 mins to 12, and my dad at least doesn’t fall asleep too easily. So I quickly open the door and hiss, “What is wrong with you?!! Why are you being so loud?!!It’s TWENTY mins to 12!!” Of course my brother just stands there and grins, so I’m forced to say, “Ok ok, we shall get started on it now. I just hope you didn’t wake them up with your ‘soft knocking’ on my door”
This is what followed:
Him: ok it says “Mix separately flour, coco powder, add soda & baking soda”
Me: ok. Then lets do that.
Him: what are you doing? It says mix separately…
Me: *withering look *
Him: ok. The next step is to “Separate egg yolk & white”. Hmm…how will you do that?
Me: With my hands. You want to do it? *evil grin*
Him: uuh…no I think I’ll pass.
Me: are you sure? I mean its an adventure. Look!
Him: yeah so next we are supposed to “Mix sugar and oil”
Me: *mock innocent look* What? Not separately huh?
Him: Very funny. Just do
Me: Excuse me! I thought we were supposed to be making this together??
Him: yeah we are. I’m reading out, you are doing. It’s a perfect balance.
Me: That only. What next?
Him: “Gradually add- mixture of flour and egg white & yolk & warm milk in mix .3” whats mix 3?
Me: uuh…think..think…keep thinking.
Him: oh ok. Yes so that’s what. So shall I get the…whatever?
Me: Yes, now would be a good time to bring the whatever.
Him: Hmm. Ok I’ll mix, you add. (after first attempt) Ok you mix, I’ll add.
Me: Yes.
Him: Check for consistency. You’re supposed to add water, and it says dropping consistency.
Me: what?? What does it say exactly??
Him: “Add water after checking (dropping consistency)”
Me: and then?
Him: “Grease a baking dish. Pre – heat the oven to (200 D) for 5 mins”
Me: ok, so go do that.
Him: ok, “Put the container in the oven after that.”
Me: ok. How long?
Him: 35-40 mins, but you have to reduce temperature to 150D after the first 5 mins.
Me: ok
Him: hmm. You can go to bed now if you want. It just says I have to use a knife to check if it has been baked properly.
Me: No. I think I’d rather just stay. It doesn’t tell you how to use the knife no. *grin*
Him: haha, very funny 😛
Me: hehe yes.

Of course, it turned out well. And he has since been known to bake this particular cake on his own. Wonderful. Of course it’s always done in constant consultation with his phone. His phone here refers to his then girlfriend now wife person on the other end – lets just call her Maalu. So there! This is the recipe for the cake that I brought on my birthday. Enjoy yourselves.


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